Finalisation of the “Digital Operator” project

The “Digital Operator” project has been completed, aimed, among other things, at integrating two key areas for our clients: production and HR, and introducing a new methodology for managing production staff. One of the most important elements of the project was the creation of a so-called “digital twin” of a

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eq system superpharm

Digitisation of HR processes at Super-Pharm

The idea behind the Super-Pharm brand is based on the unique combination of three departments: pharmacy, drugstore and perfumery in one place. This unique concept has been implemented in Poland since 2001. Currently, the Super-Pharm chain consists of 75 outlets in Poland country, with approximately 2,000 employees. Time planning in

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eqsystem webinar Asprova APS

Summary of webinars on new developments at ASPROVA APS

As the leader in production planning and scheduling, ASPROVA ensures that customers always receive the best product on the market, which is why the system is constantly being developed by introducing innovative solutions and adapting it to changing market needs. We have prepared, especially for our customers, a summary of

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eq system as a partner of HR Challenge Poland 2024

We are pleased to announce that eq system is the gold partner of the next edition of the HR Challenge Poland 2024 Forum, which will be held on March 5-6, 2024 in Warsaw. HR Challenge Poland is one of the most important HR events in Poland, attended by HR directors

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Cooperation of eq system with Dr.Max

Dr.Max Polska belongs to the international holding company Dr.Max – a leader on the pharmaceutical market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. On the Polish market, the brand has been present since 2005. As part of its collaboration with Dr.Max, eq system provides advanced tools to enable working time planning

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Virtual factory

eq system has been involved last year in an EU project carried out by the Katowice Special Economic Zone SA and the Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing cluster. The aim of the project is to map a production plant in VR reality. We are pleased to announce that project work

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Green transformation supported by eq system

On 23.05.2023, there was a workshop meeting “Green transformation – minimising waste and emissions” organised for members of the Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing cluster. The programme included lectures on the use of digital technologies in the pursuit of reducing negative impacts on the environment and generating savings. Tomasz Babiarz,

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eq system co-hosts Asprova Partner Meeting 2023

This year we had the pleasure of being the official co-host of the Asprova Partner Meeting 2023 in Cracow, Poland. The meeting, which took place from 22-24 May, was an opportunity to share experiences from ASPROVA APS implementation processes across Europe. The collaboration between eq system and Asprova AG has

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XPRIMER 5.2 – new version launched

The new version of XPRIMER includes changes in the production and personnel management area, as well as functional improvements. We have introduced a new XPRIMER.TCS module to support the toolroom operation and expanded the modules for technology management and IoT, among others. Also noteworthy is the XPRIMER.WFA module, i.e. working

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eq system as a member of the OPC Foundation

We are happy to announce that eq system has become a member of the OPC Foundation. The OPC Foundation is responsible for the development and maintenance of the OPC standard for secure and reliable data exchange in the industrial automation space and other industries. It is a standard that is

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eq system is a partner of Zebra Technologies

We are pleased to announce that eq system has become a technology partner of Zebra Technologies. Zebra Technologies is a world leader in innovative digital solutions, hardware and software that provide intelligent connectivity of assets, data and people. Solutions offered by the company include barcode scanners, RFID readers and scanners,

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HR Breakfast at eq system

Recent world events have shown that it is not enough to adapt to change, but must do so at a previously unprecedented pace. It is no longer enough to simply manage staff, but that processes need to be optimised to react quickly in a dynamic environment. We are now experiencing

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European Medal for eq system

We are proud to announce that our company has been awarded another prestigious prize. The European Medal, which we received as a distinction for our proprietary XPRIMER platform, was received during the official final of the XXXIII edition of the competition by Michał Lach, president of eq system. The European

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eq system at the “Date with technology”

We are pleased to inform that eq system is one of the co-organisers of the event ‘Date with technology – optimisation of production processes’, which will take place on 19 October 2022 in Czechowice-Dziedzice. The event, held in the form of a workshop, is dedicated to the latest technologies and

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eq system supports the Polish Sailing Champion

We are extremely pleased to announce that the eq system has taken a young resident of Dąbrowa Górnicza – Danuta Grudzień – under its sponsorship during her participation in the Laser 4.7 Class Youth Sailing World Championships (ILCA 4). The championship will take place from 13-20 August 2022 in Vilamoura,

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Asprova Partners Meeting

On 18-19.05.2022 we had the pleasure to participate in the Asprova Partners Meeting. 10 partner companies met in Pilsen. During the event Michał Lach – CEO of eq system – talked about the experience in Asprova’s cooperation, which has been continued since 2008. During this time eq system, as the

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Silesian Business Caesars for the CEO of eq system

During the 25th Jubilee Gala of the Business Center Club Katowice the Silesian Business Caesars were awarded – a unique distinction for the Silesian business leaders and an expression of appreciation for the achievements of their companies. This year, among the laureates, eq system CEO Michał Lach was distinguished. The

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How to prepare for Industry 4.0 with insufficient data

As part of the “We the Digital Ones” project organised by the Katowice Special Economic Zone and the Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Cluster, on 15 September 2021 representatives of eq system participated in a meeting about the use of data and algorithms in efficient company management. The meeting was

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System ERP i system APS Asprova

The Digital Transformation Academy supported by eq system

The Katowice Special Economic Zone, the Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Cluster and eq system invite you to a series of six meetings on the use of digital technologies in business. The meetings are aimed at the management of production companies and managers of production, quality, logistics and IT departments.

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System APS i system MES w firmie Inter Metal

APS Asprova and XPRIMER.MES support the development of Inter Metal

Inter Metal S.C, with its headquarters in Bonin near Koszalin, provides comprehensive metalworking technology services. Modern machinery allows independent projects of advanced metal constructions, including laser cutting of metal sheets, pipes and mouldings, as well as bending, lathe work and milling. In addition, the company provides welding carbon steel, stainless

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Torf Corporation wdraża system APS Asprova i system MES

Exemplary care at Torf Corporation

Existing since 1989, Torf Corporation has drawn extensively on Professor Tołpa’s achievements. His commitment to work and attention to every detail are reflected in the organisation’s approach to managing its processes. The need to organise and improve manufacturing processes resulted in cooperation with eq system experts, implementation of the APS

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Traceability w firmie precise production management with MES Poland is a leading supplier of components for the automotive industry in Poland. The company’s main customers are the car manufacturers Hyundai and Kia. Poland specialises in the production and painting of plastic parts. The production technologies used include injection moulding, painting and assembly. The company supplies components

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System APS i system MES w firmie Formaster

Formaster and eq system are joining forces again

Formaster Group is a production company that has operated on the Polish market for over 30 years. The company is recognised in Poland and abroad, mainly owing to the production of Dafi brand water jugs, filters and water heaters. The continuous technological development of the company and the increase in

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eq system skandinavia - planowanie produkcji

Plan your carbon footprint

Do you know how large your company’s manufacturing and supply chain carbon footprint is and what it consists of? Have you wondered whether you can actively influence the sustainability of your organisation? Entrepreneurs are more and more often asking themselves this question and are more and more often moving in

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Lotnisko w Balicach - wdrożenie platformy xprimer

Airport administration supported by XPRIMER

The vision of the Kraków John Paul II International Airport is to achieve a significant position among the best-managed European regional ports, valued for their impact on the economic growth of the city and the region and for the strict adherence to the principles of sustainable development. In 2019, the

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Sohbi Craft Poland and eq system company

Sohbi Craft Poland develops with Asprova APS

Sohbi Craft Poland is a Japanese-invested company which does not need to be introduced and which is not less successful than in the home country. Gaining the trust of a Japanese enterprise and establishing cooperation is a success of eq system. As a result, Japanese production technology met Japanese information

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tytuł Diamentu Forbesa dla eq system

eq system with Forbes Diamond 2021

Bisnode Poland, in cooperation with Forbes, for the 13th time published Forbes Diamonds 2021, the list of the fastest growing companies in Poland divided into provinces. This year, the list includes 15,000 enterprises characterised by a positive rating of credibility and risk of cooperation, having high financial liquidity. The ranking

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System MES w firmie Maflow

eq system implements the MES system at Maflow Group

Maflow Group is part of the Boryszew group of companies in the automotive industry. The company specialises in serial production of cables and develops new technologies in the field of car air conditioning. Maflow Group has 11 production plants on 4 continents in countries such as Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil,

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System xprimer w polskim oddziale Tikkurila S.A.

XPRIMER at Tikkurila Polska S.A.

Tikkurila is a Scandinavian paint company that makes products from carefully chosen raw materials. Thanks to the experience built since 1862, the company develops the highest-class products and services, providing customers with quality that will stand the test of time and work in all weather conditions. Today, Tikkurila has approximately

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Planowanie produkcji - system w Electro Welle

Precision at every stage: Electro Welle

PPHU Electro-Welle is a Polish electronics company based in Marcinkowice near Nowy Sacz, which currently employs approximately 150 people. It mainly focuses on the assembly of electronic components, using the most advanced technologies in this field. The main core of the machinery is SMT lines for automatic assembly and soldering

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Współpraca firmy Autopart z eq system

Improvement of production processes at Autopart

Autopart is a Polish battery manufacturer based in Mielec. It specialises in industrial production of high-quality batteries for all types of vehicles, tractors and agricultural machinery, boats and campers. It produces 2.5 million batteries annually and distributes them to over 50 countries around the world. Autopart is constantly improving its

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Digitalizacja w JS Fabryka Przekładni

Digitalisation of production management at JS Fabryka Przekładni

JS Fabryka Przekładni was established in 1982. The company is located near Słupsk. At present, it is a leader among European gearbox manufacturers, supplying many sectors of economy, agriculture, municipal, forestry as well as railway. Its customers include the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Poland, the European Union and

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AI w systemie XPRIMER

Artificial intelligence in XPRIMER

We can say it officially: the Silesian Centre for Entrepreneurship has subsidised our R&D project, The development of an internationally innovative, adaptive IT system for production and HR process management, based on mechanisms of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The abbreviated name of the project is Artificial Intelligence in XPRIMER.

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A new dimension to production planning at Dubiel Vitrum

Dubiel Vitrum makes glass products, including mirrors, construction and special glass, furniture and tiles. In addition, the company implements projects which use glass as a building material or a component. The manufacturing requires not only modern glass processing machines, but also innovative systems to control the entire process. In order to

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The first edition of the Effective in business conference is over

Effective in Business is a conference that we organised for our clients with a view to the need to exchange business experiences and build a competitive advantage using IT tools. On 10–11 October, the Holiday Inn Hotel in Dąbrowa Górnicza gathered over 100 people from several dozen companies, executives and directors

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eq system a member of SA&AM Cluster

One for all, all for one We have decided on this membership for several important reasons. Firstly, our mission, as well as the mission of the Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing (SA&AM) Cluster, is to care for the development of key competencies of the regions at the junction of economic,

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Asprova APS and Opera MES at SSC, a manufacturing company

SSC decided to get new software in order to be able to plan production accurately and, consequently, deliver all orders on time. As is the case with most of our customers, it turned out that making some changes brings not only individual benefits but also a number of—often unexpected—improvements which

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HUF Poland overcomes ERP limitations

Businesses are becoming increasingly more aware that the ERP system is often not enough. It is insufficient if the production process is non-standard and characterised by a high level of stock, various production batch volumes or constantly increasing machine load. Hence, every unplanned changeover and even the slightest delay affects

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Changes as the theme of this year’s Production Arena

Direction Transformation: this was the theme of the sixth edition of the Production Arena, which every year attracts an increasing number of managers and experts from the manufacturing industry to Wrocław. It was the fifth time for eq system to participate in this event. Why to do it? This form

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Metrix Metal recommends eq system and the Asprova APS system

Many companies continue to regard their processes too complex to be accurately reflected in an IT system. They still rely on the experience of their experts and MS Excel. They are not using their full potential yet. Metrix Metal was also among such companies. Its current reality, characterised by high

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Four awards for the eq system technology

The Institute of European Business has investigated the financial results of Polish enterprises and banks for 13 years to classify the most dynamically and effectively developing companies in Poland. eq system technology made it to the prestigious group of winners and received distinctions in as many as four rankings! At

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The puzzle that brings results at TREFL SA Group

A detailed analysis of the pre-implementation context allows, above all, one important thing: the confrontation of the client’s expectations and ideas for their fulfilment with what he really needs. At eq system, we always start with the preparation of a precise concept of improvements and indicating the areas where change

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XPRIMER at ROSTI – from concept to implementation

The driving force of every company is the people and their adequate adaptation to their positions; the proper use of knowledge and the optimal working time planning is a difficult task to perform in practice. The number of variables that we have to take into account when we plan the working

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Common direction – Solaris and eq system

The production processes taking place in a given industry often differ only in their nuances. However such nuances often determine the strength of the competitive advantage. When the organization has to face a constantly growing number of orders, the high expectations of customers regarding timeliness, the quality, speed and efficiency

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Stella Pack increases forecast accuracy with eq system

The FMCG industry is one of those in which increasing the accuracy of forecasts relatively quickly affects the efficiency of the entire enterprise operation. The precise analysis of historical data, the impact of promotional campaigns on sales and seasonality allows continuous improvement of this process. One of the biggest challenges

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Another Gazelle of Business for eq system

Gazelle of Business is one of those awards which gratify us the most as it is not easy to get it. In order to receive it, a company needs to develop and gain profit constantly for 3 years. The companies which receive the Gazelle of Business Award show a significant increase

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Danwood builds its advantage with eq system

Every project, regardless of its scope, should first and foremost be based on the right foundations. At eq system, the invariable “foundation” which effectively supports the implementation of assumptions is a detailed concept of improvements. It makes it possible to clearly define expectations, to determine specific stages of the project,

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The power of precision at PZL WZM

Managing a complex production process (a long development cycle, large series and many components) usually requires an equally complex approach to its development. It is not enough to choose an advanced tool: it is necessary to check if every premise is feasible with the use of this tool and how long

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