artykuły ekspertów | 26.10.2020

Communication in business processes

Effective communication is a key element in the strategy of any enterprise. If it is conducted correctly, it allows, among others, to build a competitive advantage in a broad sense. Why else should we pay attention to it?

artykuły ekspertów | 21.09.2020

Production scheduling and electricity consumption

Have you ever wondered how good production scheduling affects the unit costs of electricity consumption? Can production planning reduce the costs of electricity, gas or water consumption? Read on!

artykuły ekspertów | 19.08.2020

XPRIMER versus pandemic and market changes

Many of us have spent the past weeks at home trying to adapt to the new situation and reconcile the organisation of everyday life with professional duties. How is the IT industry dealing with it?

klienci | 06.08.2020

A clear path to the goal in Raben Group and technological innovation

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about innovation. More and more companies, people and projects are referred to as this. However, many questions arise as to what do we really mean by this term? And above all, can innovation be measured?

artykuły ekspertów | 21.07.2020

Remote work with the XPRIMER system

In many companies, employees have switched to remote work system to ensure smooth operation of the enterprise. At the same time, questions about recruitment management in such a situation appear. What recruitment tools should you choose? We invite you to read!

informacje branżowe | 24.06.2020

The second eqrier issue is already published!

Eqrier is our internal magazine full of interesting articles about both our company and the private life of eq system employees. It is intended primarily for the integration and flow of relevant information.

artykuły ekspertów | 11.05.2020

System ERP i system APS a strach przed zmianami

artykuły ekspertów | 24.03.2020

ERP system for the production – is it worth to look for other solutions?

informacje branżowe | 22.01.2020

eq system as the Technology Supplier of the Silesian Competence Centre of Industry 4.0

Our company has just joined the group of Silesian Industry Competence Center 4.0! We will use our services implementing and using 4.0 technology and participate in meetings related to promotion and education in new technologies.

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