System APS i system MES w firmie Inter Metal

APS Asprova and XPRIMER.MES support the development of Inter Metal

Inter Metal S.C, with its headquarters in Bonin near Koszalin, provides comprehensive metalworking technology services. Modern machinery allows independent projects of advanced metal constructions, including laser cutting of metal sheets, pipes and mouldings, as well as bending, lathe work and milling. In addition, the company provides welding carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium services using various methods. Its recent include extending the range of services with 5-axis milling, cutting with punching machine and automatic bending. All this is done to flexibly adapt the resources and capabilities to the needs and requirements of customers.

Improving customer service and greater competitiveness on the market were the basis of cooperation between Inter Metal and eq system.

We are pleased to announce that we have started cooperation with Inter Metal as part of an implementation project aimed at improving the quality of production planning and scheduling and precise recording of events in the production process.

The main goals of the management for the project are:


  • Increasing the timeliness of deliveries, measured from the first date confirmed to the customer;
  • Possibility of balanced occupancy of positions, according to the real needs of other departments in the process.


  • Computerisation of material traceability activities;
  • Ability to verify the profitability of orders, based on accurate information about the time devoted to them by production employees.

As a result of the implementation concept introduced in 2020, it was established that the basic financial and accounting system would be the existing ERP Plan de Campagne system. Planning and scheduling of production will take place in the APS Asprova system, and the MES class system supporting the management of business processes and basic data as well as recording of production events will be XPRIMER.MES. All solutions will operate in an integrated environment.

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