We are a Polish IT company, present on the market since 1991. We have a holistic view of our customers' business processes, that is why our solutions support:

We are the creator of the original XPRIMER software for MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) and WFM (Workforce Management). We work with large and medium-sized companies, representing the manufacturing, service and retail sectors.

We are distinguished by

Knowledge supported by experience

We rely on a combination of competences, experience, knowledge of business processes and a properly tailored and implemented IT system.


The most important thing in working with clients is to solve real problems. The most important thing for us is the "how", not "with what".

Advanced technologies

Our innovative projects use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Comprehensive approach

We take a holistic view of a client's business. XPRIMER is designed to support all areas of the business.

Committed team

The development of our company is also the development of our employees. We support them in fulfilling their passions at work and out of work.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly developing our systems. We do not rest on our laurels, but continue to seek new heights.

How do we work?

Thanks to our experience and competences, we advise our clients on how to overcome the challenges they face in many different business areas. We show them how and where to make changes so that the changes have a real impact on the operation of the entire company, not just a selected part of it. We solve our clients’ problems by providing them with expert tools and expert knowledge.

Comprehensive platform for business process management

We are the authors of the XPRIMER platform, which we are successfully developing to support all areas of our clients’ business.

XPRIMER platform is characterised by a flexible and extensive structure of more than a dozen interconnected modules assigned to two main areas: production management and human resources management.

XPRIMER is a system that can be adapted to the specific nature of the company thanks to detailed analysis and the selection of only those modules that the organisation needs.

Our Board

Michał Lach

CEO of eq system and eq system technology

Jacek Borowiecki

vice-president of
eq system

Jacek Czeremcha

vice-president of
eq system technology

Janusz Latacz

board member of
eq system technology

Kari Juntunen

managing director of
eq system scandinavia

Milestones in our company's development

Our team is built by people with passions

We are convinced that a good working atmosphere translates into the efficiency of our activities and, consequently, into the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients. This is why we make sure that we remain a cohesive and committed team in all circumstances, even difficult ones.

We believe in our employees and gladly invest in them. We set them numerous challenges, because we know that together we will be able to meet each and every one of them.

We support, respect and motivate each other because we are aware that as a team we are playing to one goal.

They appreciate us

Our solutions and our organisation have won numerous awards and prizes. We are members of prestigious professional organisations.

Contact us!

    Michał Lach


    It’s hard to meet him in one place, relatively easy on the run – then he answers thousands of questions and asks others. For the team, he is simply Michal, not the CEO. After all, he has worked in all (really all) departments of the eq system.

    It probably won’t surprise anyone, at that point, that he knows everyone by name and has a good understanding of their daily challenges (the bigger and the smaller ones). His trademark is a holistic view of the company on the one hand and a focus on the details on the other. He always finds something to squeeze even more out of and is usually right. He is currently making sure that innovative people are given space to implement their ideas and that those holding back are only held back when they really should be. In private and at work, a conversation with him has to be spiced with at least a little sarcasm. His studies were like his positions in the eq system – he started with medicine and ended up with an MBA at Krakow University of Technology. There is, however, a rule in this chaos!

    Jacek Borowiecki


    Fast linking of facts is his speciality. In the team he has created, he does not base relationships on hierarchy. Maybe that’s because outside of work they are a team too, but a football team.

    His favourite form of leisure is spending time together on the pitch or in the hall, and it started innocently enough with cheering on his sons from the stands, then there was no turning back. Sport and, above all, the ability to think strategically, has made its way irreversibly into his daily work. He came to eq system straight out of university, and his path from Implementation Consultant through Project Manager and Director of the Implementation Department to Vice President of the Management Board has provided him with one thing above all – understanding. It helps him to mobilise his team and provide indispensable support when things do not go as expected. Graduate of Computer Science at the University of Silesia and of the Management College at the University of Economics in Katowice. Privately? A cinema lover, no premiere can start without him.

    Jacek Czeremcha


    Hallmarks? The ability to get to the bottom of things using a variety of methods. He is a person for whom nothing is impossible, there are only those things that need to be approached in a less conventional way.

    He can definitely be called an architect, for at least three reasons – he was the first programmer in the company’s history, the ‘construction manager’ of our new headquarters and the person responsible for building the team that created the XPRIMER platform. At eq system technology, he is the one who ensures that development plans are realised and that the designed solutions have a practical dimension. He has worked his way up the company’s career ladder – starting out as a Programmer, then becoming a Team Manager and, at the same time, a Consultant. He went on to become an Implementation Project Manager, Production Director and finally Vice President of the Management Board. Thanks to the path he has followed, he “feels” the problems his team has to face and is therefore an invaluable support to them.

    Janusz Latacz

    board member

    A man of many talents and unobvious interests. Like no one else, he knows how to listen to the needs of the other party, draw conclusions from them and turn them into concrete actions.

    He has been involved with eq system technology from the very beginning, where, for a while, he was a person for almost everything – customer contact, sales and software implementations, and even interior design. History is an important part of his life – the influence of this interest can also be seen in the way he works. It manifests itself in a focus on the present while remembering the lessons from the past. In his work, he gets the greatest satisfaction from contact with his clients and, more specifically, from helping them to improve their organisation. He is the type of modern individualist who counts on the opinion of others. He does not get attached to positions – what is important to him is whether, at the end of the day, he feels he has done something useful for the company, the client and himself.

    He has always been a skier who put together his first ski equipment “from whatever he could find”. The investment turned out to be worthwhile – he is now a member of the Association of Ski Instructors and Trainers and a Instructor of Polish Ski Association. A graduate of the Faculty of Technology at the University of Silesia and the University of Economics in Katowice.

    Kari Juntunen

    managing director of eq system scandinavia

    Kari is a man who is passionate about helping others. Not only to those closest to him, but also to clients and organisations. He describes himself as having “big ears”, and this means nothing more than that he enjoys and can listen to others. He says that you can only help by listening to details that employees and customers share with you.

    The ability to listen is also the most valuable sales tool, according to Kari. This is the only way we are able to find out what the customer is looking for and what they need. Kari values teamwork and believes that even great people can’t beat a great team.

    He has been helping organisations and his clients to manage business processes in a more efficient and sustainable way for more than 30 years. Over such a period of time, he has learnt how to talk to his clients in order to work together towards the business goals they set.