Working time planning
compliant with regulations
that guarantees a reduction in staffing shortages
and elimination of process errors

Working time planning compliant with regulations that guarantees a reduction in staffing shortages and elimination of process errors

XPRIMER.HRM - quick and effective scheduling of working time

XPRIMER.HRM is a tool that supports activities related to planning, recording and accounting of working time. With its help you will create correct and effective time schedules much faster.

With XPRIMER.HRM you will automate the processes of recording, accounting, bonuses and budgeting. And above all, you will never be short of the right employee, with the right competences, in the right place at the right time

The work schedule created in XPRIMER.HRM is:

e-teczka - dokumentacja zgodna z przepisami


automatically takes into account guidelines derived from the Labour Code and regulations.

CMMS - standaryzacja procedur


feasible in practice and taking into account all constraints.



takes into account the actual needs of the company and the available human resources.



covers different reference periods, working time systems and forms of employment.



eliminates unnecessary overtime and unproductive hours.


Quick to set up

allows rapid modification in case of unplanned changes.

Gain security and transparency of operations while ensuring optimal allocation of human resources in your company.

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What are the advantages of XPRIMER.HRM?

Greater efficiency

Taking into account the competences of employees and the validity of their tests and authorisations in planning allows for better use of existing staff resources.

Time saving

The automation of administrative and communication processes results in a significant reduction in the time needed to prepare and publish the work schedule.


The integration and automation of control processes in the framework of labour law and internal regulations gives supervisors a guarantee of the correctness of work schedules.

Cost reduction

Optimally planned staffing allows the available resources to be more productive (among other things: by eliminating overtime and unproductive hours) and to meet the needs arising from labour demand.

Satisfied employees

Employees’ needs (e.g. roster requests) are taken into account in planning, which translates into employee satisfaction and greater commitment.

Enhanced flexibility

By considering different working time systems, pay periods, forms of employment, your company will adapt more quickly and easily to dynamic changes in the market.

See how XPRIMER.HRM works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER.HRM works.

Explore the functionalities of XPRIMER.HRM for time planning and accounting

Create work schedules quickly and in an intuitive way

The creation of work schedules in XPRIMER.HRM only requires the user to fill in basic data such as working hours and shifts. The data can also be filled in automatically by the system – e.g. according to posts, defined on-call duties, work schedule, calendar. This can be carried out for one or many employees at the same time, by teams, brigades and organisational units, or for individually defined groups.

At the planning stage of the schedule, the system already offers the possibility to consider planned or approved leave, or other employee requests or absences entered into the system.

Gain security by automatic verification of compliance of schedules with labour law and internal regulations

XPRIMER.HRM has in-built verification mechanisms that check whether the planned working time complies with regulations and internal rules. If any non-compliance is detected, the system informs the user where the non-compliance has occurred and what it is due to. The user has an overview of all detected violations concerning the entire schedule and the full possibility of correcting them.

XPRIMER.HRM blocks by default the possibility of publishing a schedule that does not comply with labour legislation.

System HRM to również potwierdzanie wyjazdów służbowych, odnotowania rzeczywistego czasu pracy, nieobecności pracowników oraz lista kwalifikacji pracowników i podwładnych zalogowanego kierownika. Nie tylko dzięki zastosowaniu programu Comarch HRM dział kadrowo płacowy usprawni swoją pracę. XPRIMER HRM to sprawna obsługa procesów HR
System zapewnia również widok indywidualnego harmonogramu szkoleń (możliwa jest też prezentacja listy szkoleń zrealizowanych), elastycznego systemu oceny pracowników oraz elastyczne konfigurowanie szablonów ocen.

Ensure the right people in the right positions by controlling staffing during roster planning

XPRIMER.HRM supports planning in such a way that specific positions are filled with a specific number of employees. XPRIMER.HRM also takes into account the variability of staffing requirements even within a shift, e.g. when a staffing level at the end of a shift is three times higher than at the beginning.

While working on the plan, the user has a constant overview of how many people have been planned for specific positions.

Choose the best possible work schedule according to your evaluation criteria

The work schedule prepared in XPRIMER.HRM can be evaluated in terms of staff use in a given accounting period.

The user is able to evaluate whether employees are scheduled to work the number of hours according to a given standard, whether there is a need to order overtime, or whether there is underworking over the entire accounting period.

XPRIMER.HRM allows the inclusion of any additional customised plan evaluation criterion.

Make plans based on diverse employee data and employment conditions

XPRIMER.HRM provides the possibility to plan a work schedule based on different working time systems, forms of employment, as well as different accounting periods. All employee data and forms of employment, working time systems and other planning restrictions defined in the system can be used by the user automatically when working on the plan.

Thanks to the flexibility of the system, it is possible to schedule employees with different working time systems or those working in different organisational units at a given employer on one schedule.

When planning working time, XPRIMER.HRM can also take into account a change in accounting periods due to changes in demand or any external factors.

Increase employee satisfaction by incorporating their needs into work planning

The schedule created in XPRIMER.HRM takes into account the situation of employees, both in terms of their availability and their planned absences (e.g. sick leave, declared holidays, leave plans, private exits and business trips). At the same time, it can also consider the availability suggested by employees (roster requests).

The employee is automatically informed whenever any changes are made to their requests.

Lista pracowników, rejestracja nieobecności, zarządzanie kwalifikacjami pracowników - jest dostępne w XPRIMER.

Ensure transparent and efficient approval and publication of the work schedule

Once a schedule has been approved in XPRIMER.HRM, it is possible to make a correction, but each time it is necessary to specify the reason for the correction and approve the schedule again. It is important to note that any change to an approved schedule is recorded.

The work schedule can be provided to employees in three ways:
1. via an employee portal accessible via a browser, self-service kiosks/terminals or a mobile application on smartphones and tablets,
2. in electronic form, sent to the employee’s e-mail inbox,
3. in the form of hard copies tailored to the needs of the organisation.

See how XPRIMER.HRM works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER.HRM works.

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