XPRIMER mobile app for production
Accelerate the information flow within the organisation
XPRIMER mobile app for production
Save time for yourself and your team
XPRIMER mobile app for production
Eliminate paper workflows
XPRIMER mobile app for production
Streamline internal communication

XPRIMER mobile app – waste elimination in manufacturing

The XPRIMER mobile app for production management is a tool that increases employee mobility in production recording and reporting, maintenance work, toolroom management and employee self-service in HR matters.

In addition to desktop computers, employee kiosks and production terminals, the mobile application as part of the XPRIMER platform is another way of data access that improves business management.

Regardless of your position in the organisation, your function or the tasks you perform, with the XPRIMER mobile app you will streamline your work and that of your team.

Opt for a solution that fully integrates the flow of information within the organisation, allowing quick response to changes.

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Key production information on your mobile device

CMMS - oszczędność czasu

Save your team time

by providing access to information on events and actions taken, including notifications (SMS, push).

system MES - mniejsze marnotrawstwo

Reduce costs

by automating repetitive processes and eliminating unproductive staff time.


Improve data security

through an extensive information access rights management system and by eliminating paper-based workflows.

CMMS - lepsza komunikacja

Streamline communication

using the mobile app for multi-directional contact among the organisation and employees.


Increase work efficiency

by being able to manage employees for assignment and accountability from the mobile app.

CMMS - standaryzacja procedur

Perfect organisational performance

ensuring a smooth flow of information within the organisation in real time and providing the possibility to take immediate corrective action.

See how the XPRIMER mobile app works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER mobile app works.

Discover the benefits of using the XPRIMER mobile app in different areas of production management

Ensure a rapid flow of information about what is happening in production

The efficient flow of information from production in XPRIMER.MES is complemented by the ability to input data into the system from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet. This is particularly important, for example, in the production of large-volume products, where the recording of material batches or the execution of specific production orders requires the operator to approach a terminal located not directly at his workstation.

Thanks to the mobile app in XPRIMER.MES, the user can record the progress of production processes on site, register the quantity produced, non-production activities, machine downtime, record material allocations on machines or manage stock levels of material issued for production.

At the same time, the possibility of registering the start and end of work on a given production order in the mobile application can provide a basis for accounting for the operator’s working time.

Reduce maintenance response times to critical incidents

Thanks to the mobile app in XPRIMER.CMMS, maintenance services are able to respond immediately to incidents related to breakdowns or faults. From a smartphone or tablet, it is possible to manage service requests, cyclical orders, delegate tasks to subordinate employees and verify their status.

Users of the mobile app receive notifications via SMS, e-mail or push messages. They can see a list of requests, service orders with assigned priority and status on the desktop of their mobile device.

XPRIMER.CMMS in the mobile version allows the scanning of machine codes and the attachment of fault/repair photos. From the mobile app, it is also possible to keep records of the work of maintenance technicians.

Streamline tools and tooling management processes

The mobile application as part of the XPRIMER.TCS toolroom management module allows fast and efficient issuing and receiving of tools, control of their location and verification of their degree of wear based on data from the XPRIMER.MES. Using the scanning functions from a smartphone in XPRIMER.MES, the user is able to register the insertion or removal of tools.

The mobile app also allows the user to manage the reconditioning, calibration/legalisation or disposal of tools or tooling. Furthermore, after scanning the tool code or selecting it from a list, it is possible to view complete information about the tool, assign it to a specific employee, verify the history of use and view planned remanufacturing or calibration/legalisation activities.

Ensure smooth internal communication and relieve the burden of HR issues on mid-level staff

The XPRIMER mobile app allows efficient communication with colleagues. In addition to using the notification and announcement dashboard, the user can add and receive comments and feedback on the status of ongoing tasks and the requests he or she has submitted.

Within the employee self-service, in the mobile application XPRIMER the user can, among other things:

  • check the planned working time and verify the number of hours worked in a given month, as well as view a list of their T&A readings,
  • check the balance of overtime in a given pay period and submit a request to claim overtime,
  • determine the amount of leave due in a given period and plan his/her holiday leave, as well as issue and send a leave request and track its status,
  • submit requests for certificates and documents and make requests for office supplies, marketing materials, personal protective equipment, etc.

See how the XPRIMER mobile app works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER mobile app works.

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