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Make better decisions based on accurate forecasts
Forecast PRO
Harness the power of AI and machine learning in forecasting
Forecast PRO
Use forecast reports in development plans
Forecast PRO
Anticipate changes in demand in advance

Forecast PRO – reliable forecasts leading to better decisions

Forecast PRO is a proven tool used by organisations around the world to create accurate forecasts (demand, sales, resource requirements, employees or new products), which can be easily integrated into planning systems (including ASPROVA APS for production planning or XPRIMER.HRM for work schedule planning).

The tool for effective management, monitoring and improvement of forecasting processes creates reliable business forecasts for you in seconds.

Forecast PRO, designed for business forecasters, already supports more than 12,000 companies from a wide range of industries (manufacturing, service, retail) and institutions in more than 88 countries.

Choose a proven system for creating accurate forecasts, used by leaders in their industry.

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Accurate and provable forecasts with Forecast PRO


Reduce costs

By reducing stock and producing exactly the amount that will be demanded.

zasoby magazynowe pobierane są z systemu ERP do systemu APS

Increase efficiency

Through better use of resources, based on actions that respond to market needs.

system MES - lepsze czasy produkcji

Streamline business processes

By adapting your organisation better to the changing market conditions.

CMMS - oszczędność czasu

Improve on-time delivery

Adapting production to reliable demand and sales forecasts.


Boost sales value

By producing in the volumes that the market demands from you.

CMMS - bezpieczeństwo pracy

Improve service quality

Delivering to your customers always exactly that and in the quantity they need.

See how Forecast PRO works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how Forecst PRO works.

Explore the functionalities of Forecast PRO

Increase the accuracy of your forecasts, even when demand or sales are highly fluctuating

Forecast PRO‘s automated algorithm allows the generation of accurate forecasts for up to thousands of items in seconds and takes into account seasonal patterns, trends, business cycles, promotional activities and more. Forecast PRO stores an archive of previous forecasts (both statistically generated and adjusted), so you can compare and contrast previous forecasts with what actually happened. A quick glance at the reports will give you an idea of what is working and what is not.

The exception reporting functionality in Forecast PRO allows you to focus on the areas that need attention and exclude any disturbances in historical data that have been triggered by, for example, a one-off sale. Reports can be easily configured to show the forecasts with the highest error so that you can focus on those that have proven to be the least accurate.

Apply machine learning to make reliable predictions 

Thanks to automated machine learning models, Forecast PRO allows people without data science knowledge to build accurate forecasts. Forecast PRO uses Extreme Gradient Boosting decision tree algorithms and includes a predefined set of features that allows you to build models completely automatically. You can also customise the model by specifying additional features (e.g. explanatory variables, event schedules, etc.).

Use different forecasting methods to refine your forecasts

Using Forecast PRO does not require extensive statistical knowledge. The expert analysis in the system selects the best forecast, so the user can concentrate on making the right decisions rather than detailed analysis.

However, a user with extensive statistical knowledge has the option of advanced custom modelling options. The forecasting methods available in Forecast PRO include:

  • exponential smoothing,
  • Box-Jenkins models,
  • Croston model,
  • moving averages,
  • forecasting by analogy,
  • percentage growth,
  • subjective forecasting.

Support S&OP (Sales and Operation Planning) balancing processes

Thanks to the easy integration of Forecast PRO with other IT systems in the organisation (e.g. ERP, APS, CMMS or BI), the reporting process can also take into account additional data, such as other forecasts, current inventories and orders in progress. Data synchronisation takes place in real time, and the effect of the introduced change is presented immediately in graphical and tabular reports.

In this respect, Forecast PRO also supports long-term planning by providing relevant data to planning tools such as ASPROVA APS.

Ensure appropriate customer service levels by anticipating staffing needs

By accurately forecasting your staffing requirements on a daily basis for each shift, you improve the customer service levels (e.g. by having the right number of employees in the case of services or by ensuring that production is properly staffed).

At the same time, you eliminate losses resulting from overestimating the number of staff needed (you do not incur the cost of unproductive FTEs) and minimise the risk of lost sales as a result of underestimating the right number of staff on any given shift.

Forecasts of staff requirements can be made based on historical data on transaction volumes (e.g. from cash receipts), realised work schedules or projected sales volumes.

Forecast demand for new products precisely

Forecasting demand for new products is a major challenge, as it involves many unknowns and the risk of error.

The use of forecasting methods by analogy or the Bass diffusion model in Forecast PRO allows future demand to be assessed when forecasting replacement products, introducing product line extensions or introducing completely new products for the company and completely new products for the market.

See how Forecast PRO works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how Forecst PRO works.

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