Forecast PRO

Forecast PRO is a specialized system for forecasting (including demand, sales, demand for resources or new products). It is easy to use and intuitive – with this system your team will create accurate forecasts in less than several minutes. Learn lessons from the past for the future and perfect the process of creating and assessing forecasts. Continuously.

What benefits can you enjoy?

minimizing the costs of lost sales

reduction of expenditures needed for forecasting by up to 40%

increase of forecasting accuracy by up to 27%

reducing the costs of maintaining high inventory levels by up to 31%

increasing resource efficiency by over 19%

Selection of the right method for the forecasted values

You do not need to have extensive statistical knowledge to create accurate forecasts in Forecast PRO. If you are more experienced, you will benefit from advanced models. If less experienced – you can choose a so-called expert selection, which will automatically match the best method to the forecasted values. Methods available in Forecast PRO:

  • exponential smoothing,
  • Box-Jenkins models,
  • Croston’s model,
  • moving averages,
  • forecasting by analogy,
  • percentage increase,
  • subjective forecasting.

Forecast Pro prognozowanie

Forecast PRO metody prognozowania

Corrections and simulations and the accuracy of forecasts

When creating forecasts, Forecast PRO takes into account, among others factors:

  • seasonal demand,
  • promotional campaigns,
  • introduction of new products,
  • slow-moving goods,
  • exceptions,
  • hierarchy of products.

See the consequences of the changes made to the forecast before publishing it – perform a suitable simulation and make a decision based on it.

Team work

Forecast PRO makes it easier to find an agreement between the proposals presented by analysts, other company departments and priorities reported by the management board. You can easily compare different versions of forecasts and choose those that best suit the current situation of the company, its business goals and even the organizational culture.

Forecast Pro modelowanie zdarzeń

Outliers and event modelling

You will exclude any disturbances in historical data that have been triggered, for example, by one-off sales or irregularly organized marketing campaigns.

Speed of operation and data synchronization

  • Forecast PRO works with any external systems (including ERP, APS, CMMS or BI) and data export to MS Excel is a matter of one click.
  • Data synchronization takes place in real time, and the effect of the introduced change is presented immediately in graphic and tabular reports.
  • Precise forecasts for thousands of items will be created in less than several minutes thanks to very high computational efficiency.


Our Clients

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    We wanted to increase the accuracy of forecasts and use them as reliable input information for determining the further stages of the value chain (including planning the supply of finished goods, raw materials, materials and production). In addition, our processes were becoming more and more complex and thus we were collecting an increasing amount of data that had to be processed quickly and efficiently. Therefore, at some point we felt the need to structure the forecasting process, introduce employee replaceability and, above all, to receive support from a more specialised IT system. Forecast PRO is a relatively “simple” program with a quite narrow specialization, but it is therefore very well suited to the tasks being performed and the assumed business goals.

    Juliusz Żuławski Logistics Director, Stella Pack S.A.

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