All business processes in one place Solutions for Production Manufacturing Operations Management More Solutions for HR Workforce Management More All business processes in one place Solutions for Production Solutions for HR Poprzedni Następny XPRIMER is a comprehensive solution for the effective management of business processesin the areas of production and HR. It consists of specialised […]

IT infrastructure

Operate on a powerful IT infrastructureOptimise the quantity of IT hardwareIncrease the security of IT infrastructureEnsure trouble-free operation of the systems Comprehensive IT hardware solutions – a secure and reliable environment for business The main focus of eq system’s activities is to increase the efficiency of clients’ businesses by automating and optimising processes, thereby reducing […]

XPRIMER mobile app for production

XPRIMER mobile app for productionAccelerate the information flow within the organisationXPRIMER mobile app for productionSave time for yourself and your team XPRIMER mobile app for productionEliminate paper workflowsXPRIMER mobile app for productionStreamline internal communication XPRIMER mobile app – waste elimination in manufacturing The XPRIMER mobile app for production management is a tool that increases employee […]

Forecast PRO – Forecasting

Forecast PROMake better decisions based on accurate forecastsForecast PROHarness the power of AI and machine learning in forecastingForecast PROUse forecast reports in development plansForecast PROAnticipate changes in demand in advance Forecast PRO – reliable forecasts leading to better decisions Forecast PRO is a proven tool used by organisations around the world to create accurate forecasts […]

XPRIMER in the area of Manufacturing Operations Management

Integrated production management MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) is a manufacturing process management solution with a focus on informed decision-making, effective planning, efficient operations and quality management for better productivity of the company. XPRIMER in the area of MOM provides full control over the flow of information – from order to execution. It plans and schedules production […]

XPRIMER in the area of Workforce Management

HR process management on one platform XPRIMER in the area of Workforce Management (WFM) is a functionally extensive IT system for comprehensive human resources management, supporting the organisation at the level of the Board of Directors, Managers, HR Department and other Employees. As an extremely flexible tool, XPRIMER adapts to the specifics of your business […]

XPRIMER.TCW – flexible management of technologies

XPRIMER.TCWQuickly introduce, modify and create new versions of production technologiesXPRIMER.TCWPlan production with precision thanks to detailed technological dataXPRIMER.TCWEnsure security of technological dataXPRIMER.TCWManage production efficiently by taking advantage of synergies between IT systems XPRIMER.TCW – a comprehensive repository of technological data available online XPRIMER.TCW (Technology Creator Wizard) is a specialised tool that gives complete autonomy in […]

XPRIMER.TCS – precise toolroom management

XPRIMER.TCSOne-stop tool management XPRIMER.TCSReduce waste of time and money XPRIMER.TCSIncrease the lifetime of your toolsXPRIMER.TCSEnsure on-time delivery of manufacturing orders XPRIMER.TCS – improvement of work organisation and resource efficiency XPRIMER.TCS (Tool Control System) is an easy-to-use system for managing tools and instrumentation used in the production process. The up-to-date knowledge of the location of tools […]

Mobile app – XPRIMER

XPRIMER Mobile app Access to essential information from anywhereand at any time Access to essential information from anywhere and at any timeXPRIMER Mobile app XPRIMER Mobile application – key HR processes on your phone The XPRIMER platform, which encompasses end-to-end human resources management, supports HR processes and employee self-service by providing a mobile application that streamlines […]

Employee portal – XPRIMER.HRM

XPRIMER.HRM Employee Portalproviding intuitive and efficientemployee self-service Employee Portal providing intuitive and efficient employee self-serviceXPRIMER.HRM XPRIMER.HRM – easy and fast internal communication within the Employee Portal Proper employee communication increases productivity and employee satisfaction and ensures that tasks are carried out accordingly. The use of employee self-service in internal communication further streamlines HR processes, reinforces […]

Advanced working time planning algorithms – XPRIMER.WFA

XPRIMER.WFA Working time planning based on advanced algorithms taking accountof your business realities Working time planning based on advanced algorithms taking account of your business realitiesXPRIMER.WFA XPRIMER.WFA – optimising employee time scheduling according to the needs of your business Creating of work schedules can be made even more efficient and tailored to the peculiarities of company […]

XPRIMER.HRM – working time planning and accounting

XPRIMER.HRM Working time planningcompliant with regulationsthat guarantees a reduction in staffing shortagesand elimination of process errors Working time planning compliant with regulations that guarantees a reduction in staffing shortages and elimination of process errors XPRIMER.HRM XPRIMER.HRM – quick and effective scheduling of working time XPRIMER.HRM is a tool that supports activities related to planning, recording […]