Soft HR: the right use of the team’s potential

In the area of human capital management, the most important is the proper use of the team’s potential, and thus, the best matching of people to their positions, and, if necessary, filling in gaps in their competences or modifying the career path, in such a way that their predispositions have a real impact on the development of the organization.

Challenge: team commitment and knowledge

Much depends on the efficiency of people and their commitment – because they are responsible for implementing the company’s business strategy and its goals (both short- and long-term). Therefore, the main challenge in the field of soft HR is finding, maintaining, motivating and caring for the continuous development of employees. However, this cannot be achieved if we do not know the answer to the key questions, such as: which competences will be useful for our organization? How has the new employee developed? What were the results of the employee’s self-evaluation? How many temporary employees do we need? And many more: Whether? Why? Who? How?

elektroniczny obieg dokumentów w firmie
zarządzanie obiegiem dokumentów w firmie

Solution: HR systems - keeping balance

Imagine that every day someone collects and provides you with the latest information from different areas, concerning different people, their predispositions, expectations and performance. You know exactly who works best in specific tasks, who needs many challenges, who is ideal for teamwork, and who needs to be mobilized a little more. This “someone” is – automation supported by your knowledge and experience. Its help is invaluable, especially in areas where collecting and analyzing information is extremely time-consuming.