Maintenance: anticipate problems

Maintenance actions should be invisible. At the end of the day, they are mainly to prevent problems in production instead of responding to them – anticipate and counteract them.

Challenge: quiet support

Do you know what is really happening with the machines? How often do they fail and why? What are the types of faults? How long does it take to repair them? Do maintenance services take preventive actions or rather respond only to specific problems? Do you know what is going on in production on a regular basis? If you answered “I do not know” several times, it means that maintenance is still too visible in your company. How can it be changed?

elektroniczny obieg dokumentów w firmie
zarządzanie obiegiem dokumentów w firmie

Solution: take preventive actions

Employ the best people, look at the broader horizon and make use of the support of analysts. Take preventive measures in a way that does not interfere with any of the stages of the production process. Do not base your actions on gut feelings, only on real data about problems and their causes. If production efficiency drops – react immediately. Maintenance and production departments should be in permanent contact – inform each other about the actual availability of resources, the implementation of the plan and its progress.