HR process management
on one platform

XPRIMER in the area of Workforce Management (WFM) is a functionally extensive IT system for comprehensive human resources management, supporting the organisation at the level of the Board of Directors, Managers, HR Department and other Employees.

As an extremely flexible tool, XPRIMER adapts to the specifics of your business and allows you to gain full control over the human resources management process and make accurate decisions based on reliable data.

XPRIMER brings to your company a combination of the knowledge of our experts and the experience of our clients

Zarządzanie najcenniejszym zasobem firmy, jakim są pracownicy przestało być operowaniem ich liczbą, czy prostym grafikowaniem czasu pracy. Obecnie od Działu HR wymaga się głębokiej wiedzy na temat procesów biznesowych i maksymalizacji wartości kapitału ludzkiego zatrudnionego w organizacji.

Umożliwia to nowoczesny system WFM (Workforce Management), oferujący, poza optymalizacją zarządzania czasem pracy, przewidywanie ilości i wymaganych kompetencji personelu, zaangażowanie pracowników w proces planowania, narzędzia analityczne, czy usprawniające komunikację wewnątrz firmy.

Personnel management simple and effective
like never before

Achieving the BoD's business objectives:

  • Increased efficiency and human resources optimisation
  • Savings from reduced overtime and reduced administrative costs
  • Reduction of losses caused by poor working time planning
  • Strategic decisions based on reliable and credible data

Streamlining the work of the HR Department:

  • Automating the processing of HR matters and employee documents
  • Adapting procedures and documentation to changing regulations
  • Automated collection of data for payroll, its assignment and exchange of data with state and financial institutions
  • Effective communication with employees

Time-saving for Managers:

  • Realistic and efficient work schedules
  • Automation of work schedules
  • Ensuring continuity of team work
  • Easy management of employee requests and overtime

Positive Employee Experience:

  • Independent access and rapid updating of data via the Employee Portal
  • Convenient request for holidays, remote working, leaves (business, private)
  • Monitoring of the execution of requests and reported needs, and efficient internal communication
  • All staff matters collected in one place

Discover the core functionalities of XPRIMER
in the area of Workforce Management

Efficient and secure handling of human resources and payroll processes

The XPRIMER platform, covering comprehensive human resources management, supports Human Resources and Payroll Departments by providing the XPRIMER.PAYROLL, which gives full control over the process and simplifies HR and payroll calculations.

Fast and effective planning and time accounting

XPRIMER.HRM is a tool that supports activities related to planning, recording and accounting of working time.

With XPRIMER.HRM you will automate the processes of recording, accounting, bonuses and budgeting. And above all, you will never be short of the right employee, with the right competences, in the right place at the right time.

Precise and reliable registration and recording of working time online

Thanks to the introduction of a state-of-the-art working time registration solution with XPRIMER.TNA, the control and recording of working time and the management of permissions are simple and do not involve the time of supervisors.

Secure and complete HR documentation in the form of an e-file

In order to efficiently handle HR processes, an increasing number of companies are opting for electronic employee records.

With the e-file solution within the XPRIMER platform, you will ensure the required level of security of file storage, easy access to files and reduce administration costs.

Optimising employee time scheduling according to the needs of your business

Creating of work schedules can be made even more efficient and tailored to the peculiarities of company by using specific planning scenarios in which algorithms prepare the most optimal plan versions according to set criteria.

XPRIMER.WFA enables, among other things, the creation of work schedules according to business needs, predefined priorities, the simulation of work schedules and the automatic consideration in staff planning of sudden changes occurring in the market.

Easy and fast internal communication within the Employee Portal

Proper employee communication increases productivity and employee satisfaction and ensures that tasks are carried out in an appropriate manner. The use of employee self-service in internal communication further streamlines HR processes, strengthens positive Employer Branding and responds to the needs of the new generation of employees towards modern working tools.

The Employee Portal at XPRIMER.HRM enables access to key employee information anywhere and anytime via a web browser, employee kiosks and a dedicated mobile application.

Portal pracowniczy na kiosku pracowniczym do samoobsługi pracowniczej

Key HR processes on your phone with a mobile application

Covering end-to-end human resources management, the XPRIMER platform supports HR processes and employee self-service by providing a mobile application that streamlines the flow of information within the organisation. This is particularly important in organisations with a distributed structure or in companies that allow working remotely.

The app is designed for every employee. Regardless of your position in the organisation, your function and the tasks you perform, with XPRIMER you will streamline your work and that of your team.

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