Hard HR: working time planning, settlement and records

Sometimes the initial assumptions of the plan diverge from its actual implementation. Sometimes employees who are needed on a given day, at a given place and time are late, are on vacation or are ill. Sometimes we forget about the fact that medical tests are no longer valid, licenses expire and machines break down. That’s right – there is a lot of unpredictability in planning the working time.

Challenge: unpredictable more predictable

Frequent changes, high unpredictability, and a lot of administrative work. The constant search for a compromise between time, people, their competences and speed, as well as the achieving the assumed business goals with an appropriate quailty. Care for the stability of created plans, their correctness and flow are not at all the simplest tasks.

elektroniczny obieg dokumentów w firmie
zarządzanie obiegiem dokumentów w firmie

Solution: automation supported by experience

The effective planning of working time is backed by automation, supported by the experience of the company’s specialists. Such a combination means that we can always be at the centre of events. Be the best (and the fastest) informed person in the company and at the same time not wasting time on administrative work – the settlement of working time, its records or the verification of the correctness of the plans created. The automation of working time management means even faster and more comprehensive analysis, allowing not only for the continuous improvement of processes, but also for making use (and noticing) of employees’ potential and their skills.