Customer relations and B2B management

What do customers expect from me? – this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions, which often remains unanswered. It is easier to say what they do not expect – they certainly do not want a specific product from us, but rather look for a solution for their very individual problems. However, to know what these problems are, you need to get to know the customer’s environment, the characteristics of their industry and find a way to not only reach decision-makers, but also to keep them interested in us, our offer and company.

Challenge: remember about..?

Everything became complicated when it turned out that there is no longer a clear division between B2B and B2C relations relations – and the person standing in front of us is not a client, but simply a human. A human in whose eyes it is very difficult to distinguish yourself with a product alone. Someone with changing expectations, growing requirements and the ability to quickly compare the received offers. What is more, his decisions are usually well thought out, often taken over a relatively long period and not necessarily alone. On the other hand, there is an employee responsible for building relationships and maintaining trust on the part of clients. Only that the employee is also “only human” – sometimes he forgets, makes mistakes or does not keep his word.

elektroniczny obieg dokumentów w firmie
zarządzanie obiegiem dokumentów w firmie

Solution: contextual memory

Do not trust your memory and notes, regardless of how good they are and how accurate they are. Start supporting your activities with modern information processing technologies, while remembering that they are not an end in themselves. They help to bring out the potential of our activities and the information collected by our team. The combination of employees’ skills with “artificial memory” allows more valuable discussions to be conducted, during which we remember the context. With such support, we will easily answer the questions asked by customers “about similar projects”, “benefits achieved” or “differences in prices between us and the competition”.

What benefits can you enjoy?