Employee portal: stay up to date

Every day we ask thousands of questions – how many days of holiday leave do we have left, was the leave approved, how many hours have we worked, what is the amount of our remuneration, how can we properly settle business trip expenses? Every day Human Resources Departments have to answer thousands of questions asked by different people, in different ways and at different times.

Challenge: thousands of questions, not enough time to answer

Every day, we all lose – employees, because they are impatient if they do not receive answers to questions immediately. The Human Resources Department, because it devotes too much time to administrative work, and thus leaves aside more important tasks. And finally, the company – because its employees are not as effective as they could be. And if we add difficulties to the communication between employees and the HR Department resulting from different working hours, the whole process becomes even more complicated. However, in this case we are able to make each party happy. How?

elektroniczny obieg dokumentów w firmie
zarządzanie obiegiem dokumentów w firmie

Solution: employee self-service

Improving internal communication, giving employees the opportunity to electronically submit holiday leave requests and track the process of their approval, the preview of current schedules, settlements of business trip expenses or checking the amount of remuneration. Thanks to the introduction of employee self-service, the HR department does not have to manually enter or update data, answer the basic questions from employees, and can use the time saved for the achievement of key goals (without unnecessarily stopping work).