Operate on a powerful IT infrastructure
Optimise the quantity of IT hardware
Increase the security of IT infrastructure
Ensure trouble-free operation of the systems

Comprehensive IT hardware solutions - a secure and reliable environment for business

The main focus of eq system’s activities is to increase the efficiency of clients’ businesses by automating and optimising processes, thereby reducing waste and costs in the companies.

In addition to production and personnel management tools, we offer IT hardware solutions as an essential foundation for the effective operation of our IT systems.

The robust, proven and advanced IT infrastructure solutions we provide enhance the productivity, security and efficiency of your business.

Choose an experienced IT systems integration partner that perfectly matches the hardware infrastructure to the technologies provided.

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Secure the continuity and reliability of your business


Ensure high availability of systems and applications

configuring the hardware to suit system and business requirements, with the support of experienced specialists.


Increase the level of security

by means of firewalls, control via WiFi access points, provision of automatic backups and reliable power backup.


Gain scalability and flexibility

by selecting equipment to match current needs, with the possibility of further expansion as the organisation grows.


Exploit synergies and integration effects

by obtaining all elements of the IT system and infrastructure from a single partner, who also provides implementation.

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Opt for confidence and independence

by working with brands from the world's leading hardware and software manufacturers, offering reliable products and services.


Improve employee comfort

using robust hardware and proven software for better work organisation and user convenience.

Check out our approach to IT infrastructure design and configuration

Contact us for an appointment to discuss how we can meet your equipment requirements.

Hardware solutions from eq system - why recommend?

Rely on data security and adequate computing power of a modern server room

For many years, we have been supporting customers in the well-established IT environment on which XPRIMER and ASPROVA APS systems run. We offer well-known and proven DELL hardware for the expansion of server rooms and network infrastructure, which works faultlessly for many years and meets the growing requirements of several successive versions of system software.

Thanks to our experience, we design the optimal server configuration in terms of performance or expansion possibilities, but also tailored to the customer’s budget.

Increase growth flexibility and reduce costs with cloud solutions

In the field of cloud solutions, we offer rental and management services for Microsoft Azure cloud services. Among others, we offer the possibility of installing and providing the XPRIMER system in the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, which ensures secure hosting of the system with a reliable provider without the need to invest in on-premises infrastructure.

The parameters of the service are selected according to current needs and can be freely expanded as the system grows. This solution reduces the costs associated with the purchase of a physical server and its maintenance and licensing.

Protect your network from threats and unauthorised access

Remote working or the use of mobile apps is now standard, but at the same time represents a challenge for IT departments, as network resources must be effectively protected from unauthorised access. Fortinet’s range of managed gateways with firewalls and WiFi access points meets these expectations. These solutions provide end-users with fast and reliable access to the network, and IT services with the confidence that the network and transmitted data are adequately protected.

Use tried and tested system software

Together with the hardware infrastructure, we provide system software. As a Microsoft sales partner, we offer Windows Server, MS SQL Server and MS 365, among others, at favourable conditions. In addition, we provide virtualisation software from VMware and automatic backup from Veeam.

Provide employees with reliable devices to support their work

For production facilities with limited network coverage or restrictive sanitary requirements (e.g. food or pharmaceutical industries), we offer employee kiosks in the form of touch-screen panels, which can be accessed by logging in with access data, by applying an T&A card or by biometrics.

With the development of the XPRIMER.MES system, there was also a need to provide users with suitable Auto ID devices working directly on the production floor in harsh industrial environments. In this respect, we are working with market leader ZEBRA Technologies as a business partner. We offer, among others, rugged barcode scanners, RFID readers and scanners, mobile computers and tablets and printers (industrial, mobile, RFID). Zebra solutions are widely used in manufacturing, transport and logistics, retail, and healthcare, supporting supply chain security in the pharmaceutical and food industries, among others.

Choose a comprehensive and fully integrated solution from one reliable partner

Working with our Clients, we provide turnkey solutions. In addition to servers for running the XPRIMER system in a virtual environment, backup servers and UPSs, we equip the infrastructure with all the necessary additional components, such as switches or server racks, taking responsibility for the completeness and comprehensiveness of the solution provided.

Secure business continuity and minimise the risk of potential downtime

For all professional IT equipment, we offer extended manufacturer care packages with Next Business Day or 24/7 response times. Purchasing such a service guarantees that, in the event of equipment failure, downtime will be reduced to the minimum necessary, limiting potential losses to be incurred. Depending on the package selected, the guaranteed delivery time of a replacement device or the arrival of the manufacturer’s technical service may be as little as a few hours.

Check out our approach to IT infrastructure design and configuration

Contact us for an appointment to discuss how we can meet your equipment requirements.