Torf Corporation wdraża system APS Asprova i system MES

Exemplary care at Torf Corporation

Existing since 1989, Torf Corporation has drawn extensively on Professor Tołpa’s achievements. His commitment to work and attention to every detail are reflected in the organisation’s approach to managing its processes. The need to organise and improve manufacturing processes resulted in cooperation with eq system experts, implementation of the APS Asprova system and replacement of the MES used so far. This project was the subject of the webinar, Nurturing Business at Torf Corporation.

Effective production management

The guest of eq system expert Artur Głodek was the Manager of the Operational Planning Department at Torf Corporation, Magdalena Kobryń, who presented the stages of implementation of the APS Asprova system as well as the changes in production management.

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Before implementation…

Cooperation with eq system was triggered by the challenges that Torf faced on a daily basis and the need to streamline processes in their company. Among the problems diagnosed was the diversity of products and packaging and adapting the machinery to them (manufacturing at Torf relies on 800 raw materials and 1,200 packages, and the size of production batches varies from 30 to 3,000 kg). It was found that the division into a mass production department and a packaging department resulted in a very high number of changeovers, and combining these processes into one was quite a challenge. One of the reasons why the company could not do system planning was because it was mainly done in Excel.

…and after implementation

The benefits of managing production logistics with Asprova’s APS and MES are noticeable in every industry. Following the implementation of the solutions proposed by eq system at Torf Corporation:

  1. The time taken to access information, e.g. for simulations of material requirements for in-out actions, has been reduced to 30 minutes. Previously, this took several hours.
  2. Asprova enables different versions of the production plan to be generated, which is extremely important with such a wide variety of products and packaging.
  3. Thanks to reports generated from the SQL database, Asprova and MES have information on the reliable planned availability date of each SKU at all times.
  4. Employees have complete information on the consequences for the delayed delivery of a component or the breakdown of a machine.
  5. The material balance generation process has been speeded up.
  6. Material planners have access to all the necessary data, so analysis is much more efficient.

As Magdalena Kobryń has emphasised during the webinar, Asprova proves itself on a daily basis as a system which is intuitive and user-friendly. Employees themselves generate reports, enter data into the system and use it to develop the optimum production plan. Asprova displays mass colours, changeovers, set-up times and other parameters, so it is possible to build optimisation criteria around them and configure how they are displayed on the charts.

On the recommendation of eq system experts, Torf Corporation has started using benchmark technologies built in Asprova for individual product groups. Based on product characteristics, resources are dynamically assigned, making it possible to plan their consumption on the right line or machine.

Long-term planning

Torf also carried out a long-term planning project. This became possible when the Asprova system was fed with data and the option to prepare relevant scheduling functions became available. In addition, implementation was facilitated by reports that collated accurate production plan information.

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