Our history

If you want to get to know us better, read about how it all started and what shaped the company into what it is today. This is our 30 years in a nutshell – it was not always perfect, but we are sure that the four friends mentioned below created a company in which people and their expectations count the most. Get to know our system from the inside and see its history.

1991 - 1996

Four friends have an idea. They want to have their own company and so, without thinking much, they just establish it. At the beginning, they only know that they will specialize in the implementation of ERP systems. They have experience in this. They start traveling across Poland and implementing. In fact, they all have their functions - salesmen, analysts and product managers. After some time they feel that there are too few of them in relation to the number of projects implemented. The team slowly grows, and a rented room eventually becomes too small.


Most of our clients are production companies and there are more and more of them. Taking notes on a computer and single sheets of paper is not enough. We need a more specialized tool for managing contacts and customer relations. We search for a CRM system that would meet our needs. Unfortunately, there is always a “but”. In eq system, however, we do not have to be persuaded long to do something our own way. This is how our first proprietary system was created - SIMPLE.CRM. It turns out that our requirements in relation to CRM systems are similar to the expectations of our clients. We starting to sell our first proprietary software. SIMPLE.CRM even gets several prestigious awards for its functionality and intuitiveness. Not to mention that it is permanently present in the company’s offer and complements ERP systems. Thus, by accident, we become a software manufacturer.


The limited capabilities of ERP systems are becoming more and more disturbing to us and our clients. We want to further improve production processes, but we cannot do it as effectively as we would like. We start looking for innovative solutions that are able to support comprehensive production management processes. We extend our offer to include APS, WMS and MES class systems. We also make a key decision about our business - we want to support manufacturing companies in the continuous improvement of processes. Our team is growing. We have more than 50 people.


Tools are not a solution. It is our experience and vision of change. The tools only have to make it happen – it’s our new motto. From now on, our activity is also based on consulting. Comprehensiveness - knowledge, approach and offer becomes our main business goal.


We start building a partner network. We believe that the best results (regardless of the area of activity) are brought by cooperation with people who see different possibilities to achieve the same goal. We value cooperation with companies with a similar approach - we are happy to share our experience and we are also eager to expand it. We undertake cooperation with companies: Asprova Corporation, OpenData and Aimtec. We see the benefits of international cooperation. Our partners are businesses that rely on innovation and modern technologies.


We create another proprietary solution - the XPRIMER communication platform. The programming department has doubled in size. XPRIMER is a solution that allows most of the business processes in a company to be controlled. It is also a winner of many very important awards, in particular for the Innovative Product. From that moment, our clients are not only companies from the production industry, but also education, healthcare, retail and services.


We become more and more involved in building the personal brand of our specialists. We attend conferences and seminars. We start cooperation with universities. From that moment, we regularly organize dedicated trainings and periodic webinars.


Our team consists of over 100 people. Our rented office does not provide enough space. We build our own premises. We move and ... we are finally on our own!


Our offer becomes fully comprehensive, just like our competences. We are able to take care of companies from various industries, at various stages of development and with various expectations. The methodology developed by us is effective and safe.


This is a record time for us in many respects - the number of clients, demanding projects and new challenges. A new version of the XPRIMER platform is created. We refreshed it visually and added a lot of new, competitive functionalities. The changes introduced in it were appreciated both by our current and new clients. We win three prestigious awards - Business Gazelle, Business Cheetah and for the fourth time in a row - the Best Business Partner award of Asprova Corporation and OpenData. There’s a lot going on!


This is the time of new projects, not all of which fall under our traditional activities. We are committed to the promotion of Polish culture and art under the banner of “eq system in the framework of culture”. When it comes to more traditional activities - we create a specialized module, XPRIMER.MOM, dedicated to manufacturing companies that want to go from the theoretical assumptions of Industry 4.0 to their implementation in practice. As for prizes, we win the same awards as in the previous year. We are still addicted to continuous development and demanding projects. Our system is over 140 people! Over 140 people who are driven all the time. Isn’t it nice?


2019 is the time of further development, not only in terms of employees, because our team is still growing, but also in terms of products. In addition to improvements in the area of production, we strongly focus on solutions for the HR department. We are expanding the xprimer system with new functionalities, including automatic work schedules, which give us a great competitive advantage. Motivated by our successes in Poland, we are raising the bar even higher – we are entering the Scandinavian market. In 2020, although the pandemic has made this year a huge challenge, we are not slowing down. Version 4.0 of the xprimer system is created, enriched with functionalities in the field of warehouse management, traceability and IoT. There also emerges an e-folder module and a mobile application that is able to improve the work of over 50,000 users. Yes, we can already boast about such a number! Another reason to be proud is the commencement of work on the exploratory-developmental project "Artificial Intelligence in xprimer". What are we doing within it? We take a closer look at the habits and methods of work of thousands of users of IT systems. Who said they had to adapt to them, not the other way round?


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