Our history

If you want to get to know us better – read what had an impact on how eq system is today.


The beginning of the business

The company, which implements ERP systems, is being established in southern Poland.


First own IT solution

Having seen the needs of the market, we are developing and implementing our first proprietary CRM software to complement the ERP systems we offer.


IT system for workforce management

The limited capabilities of ERP systems are leading us to develop our first HR management system. We are also making a key decision to expand our business - we want to support companies in optimizing production processes as well.


The beginning of cooperation with ASPROVA

We expand our product range with ASPROVA APS advanced production planning and scheduling software. We develop our competencies and partners' network.


XPRIMER platform

We create and develop another proprietary solution - the XPRIMER platform for enterprise business process management. We are winning new customers in the manufacturing, service, retail, healthcare and education sectors.


Construction of own headquarters

Our team consists of more than 100 people, we are building our own headquarters and relocating. We are finally on our own!


Development of XPRIMER platform

We develop a new version of our proprietary XPRIMER platform expanded with MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) modules. We win three prestigious awards - the Business Gazelle, the Business Cheetah and, for the fourth consecutive year, the Best Business Partner award from Asprova Corporation.


Opening a subsidiary in Scandinavia

In response to the growing needs of our customers in northern Europe, we made the strategic decision to open eq system scandinavia (based in Finland). This has not only strengthened our presence in the Scandinavian markets, but also guarantees the highest level of service for our customers in this part of Europe.


Artificial Intelligence in XPRIMER

We begin work on the R&D project "SIX - Artificial Intelligence in XPRIMER", which aims to develop an innovative IT system based on the mechanisms of machine learning and AI.


Over 60,000 XPRIMER users

XPRIMER application has already streamlined the work of more than 60,000 users in the areas of production and HR management.

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