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Win new contracts and new customers
Provide your company with access to the latest technology
Grow your business with the best in the market

We are constantly developing our partner network, therefore we are constantly looking for companies to cooperate with.

We offer our partners the opportunity to grow and increase turnover and profits by working with a reliable developer and provider of innovative IT solutions.

Find out who we are looking for and why you should work with us.

Technological cooperation

We collaborate with companies and organisations to produce software and develop technology together and to exchange scientific knowledge and R&D results.

Standard coalition

We work with standard setters regionally, nationally and internationally, which is part of our strategy to maintain the highest quality, compliance and efficiency.

Buyer/supplier network

We work with distributors, intermediaries and suppliers who complement their own products and services, expanding the offer and combining production, financial and human resources.

We appreciate working with companies with a similar approach - we are happy to share our experience and are equally keen to expand it.

Partnership models:

Business partnership

Our partners include both companies that initiate the commercial process and those that, later on, conduct it by themselves.

Implementation partnership

Our implementation partners are companies with the competence to carry out the commercial process by themselves, as well as the implementation of our IT systems.

What do we offer to our partners?


Innovative IT systems to enhance the offer

Our XPRIMER platform is a comprehensive solution for the management of production and HR processes that can be adapted to the specific characteristics of a company and industry.


Attractive business and commission terms

We offer competitive and flexible commercial terms, tailored to the specific requirements and type of partnership, leading to higher profits and better management of your costs.


Substantive support during project implementation

We share our knowledge and actively support partners during projects, providing solid technical advice and helping to solve any problems that may arise.


Research and development projects

We are involved in R&D projects, which allows partners to access the latest technologies, trends and innovations.


Joint marketing activities

We are active in promoting our solutions, providing marketing materials, running advertising campaigns and participating in industry events.


Access to an extensive knowledge base

We provide partners with access to product presentations, dedicated training and workshops to enhance their technical and business skills.

We are open to innovation.
We are constantly looking for new solutions to enrich our offer.

If you would like to start working together, please contact us.