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Traceability a zarządzanie przedsiębiorstwem

It has recently gained popularity among medium and large enterprises to collect data on the functioning of

zarządzanie produkcją w firmie TORF

The variety of products and packaging formats is a challenge faced by many production companies. In this

Rozliczanie nadgodzin w firmie

The phrase overtime mafia is not clickbait, but the reality of Polish companies. It is customary to

Traceability - kontrola przepływu produkcyjnego

Traceability, the genealogy of a product, the possibility to follow it through the manufacturing process, which enables

Wybieramy dobry system MES

A good MES can take the production process to another level. Its implementation in an organisation is

We come back to the topic of the mobile application, but we do so for a reason.

Systemy IT do zarządzania firmą

If you have read the previous part of this article, you know that we stopped at the

Raportowanie i wykres Gantta w systemie XPRIMER 4.1

One of the definitions of Lean Management is to deliver the highest possible value to the customer

Rola komunikacji w procesach biznesowych

Effective communication is a key element of the strategy at any company. Moreover, it is a challenge

Planowanie produkcji a energia elektryczna

Production scheduling and energy consumption Many of you may be struggling with the high costs of energy

Plan i harmonogram produkcyjny w przedsiębiorstwie

Responding to constant changes is an indispensable part of the work of those in charge of production

xprimer w dobie koronawirusa

Many of us have spent the past weeks at home trying to adapt to the new situation

System APS w planowaniu produkcji

Many times, I have encountered a situation where workers in production told me what the production schedule

xprimer podczas home office

An unusual situation of the pandemic outbreak is a challenge for employers and employees alike. Finding ourselves

Zarządzanie produkcją a dane technologiczne

Working in various production companies, I often encountered the statement that “the system is malfunctioning”. Usually, it

Techniczny koszt wytworzenia a planowanie produkcji

“Continuous improvement of a process is essential for success”: every person involved in the organisation of work

Logistyka magazynowa i WMS w Przemyśle 4.0

The concept of Industry 4.0 is nothing new and we have had plenty of time to get

planowanie produkcji a utrzymanie ruchu

An essential part of the work of those involved in production planning and scheduling is the collection

System ERP i system APS Asprova

Developing a concept of how to implement a system for a client is a difficult and demanding

Systemy klasy ERP i APS w harmonogramowaniu produkcji

ERP systems appear as comprehensive production management solutions in all areas. This belief firmly persists among individuals

The Kaizen philosophy focuses on continuous process improvement in the organisation. It means a long-term improvement, step


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