It is a comprehensive solution that allows most business processes in a company to be managed and improved. It consists of specialized modules, and each of them is individually adapted to the needs of your company and the style of work of individual people. You choose only the elements you need at a given moment. If, in the future, you want to extend its functionalities – you will simply add them. Create exactly the system you need.


Choose a module and explore its features:

What benefits can you enjoy?

Asprova APS

managing all business processes in one tool


improved security of data collection and storage

xprimer współpraca

acceleration and improvement of internal communication

XPRIMER - system do pracy zdalnej

precise fit to the current situation of the company thanks to the possibility of the independent development of the platform

grafik pracy

adjustment to user needs thanks to the personalization possibilities

grafiki pracy

work independent of the place, device and time thanks to the mobile application

Broad personalization options

Very quickly you will create a personalized system panel that will improve the comfort of your work. Drag and drop the most important functions and information. Add analyses, charts and even useful websites. Decide on your own what your XPRIMER should look like.

The personalized panel is just the beginning. You can create:

  • reports,
  • specific tabs,
  • views,
  • documents.

Xprimer personalizacja pulpitu

Efficient internal communication

XPRIMER is an extremely easy and fast internal communication keeping a context, and all thanks to:

  • an integrated board, on which you can quickly address the issues you are interested in and indicate persons for discussion thanks to fast shortcuts (e.g. @JanKowalski),
  • a developed search engine, thanks to which, in a few seconds, you will find the information you need – both specific documents, as well as folders or views. Everything you are currently looking for.

Mobile platform

You will always have access to the most important data, and you will make decisions with just one click. It does not matter where you are, what you are doing and what device you are working on. All you need is Internet access.

Xprimer bezpieczeństwo danych

Security of data collection and storage

You do not have to worry about the security of data collection and storage and the internal knowledge transfer policy. XPRIMER has extensive possibilities of granting rights and access to specific information. It also ensures compliance with the GDPR thanks to the built-in mechanisms of access to data and data anonymization.

Independence from IT systems used

XPRIMER works with any external systems (including ERP, SCP, APS, CMMS or BI) and has built-in mechanisms of integration with MS Office for data exchange and document templates. It gathers all the collected information in one place.


Our Clients

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    XPRIMER enables a very precise calculation of the personnel needed and the optimization. It also informs us early enough about the ending of trainings or the absence of a key employee on a given day, on a given line. Therefore, it gives us the tools to take preventive action early enough. I rate the cooperation with the specialists at eq system very highly, in particular due to their rational approach to the project and many years of experience that could be seen at every stage of the work.

    Artur Grudzień Production Manager, Plastic Omnium
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    The system convinced us with a very intuitive interface and the fact that it required fewer clicks to achieve our goals than the other systems we considered. The opinions of other XPRIMER users were also very important to us. At the moment, we feel that we made a very good business decision both as regards the system and the business partner.

    Ewa Leszczyńska HR and Payroll Manager, ROSTI
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    Thanks to XPRIMER, our activities in the field of personnel management are even more effective. Its extended functionality enables us, among other things, to precisely plan the working time, ensuring the optimal availability of employees in cinemas. Employee schedules are created quickly. When they are prepared, the key variables are automatically taken into account (including the availability and competences of employees, compliance with the Labour Code and internal regulations), and all the required data are transferred electronically. XPRIMER has significantly improved the comfort and efficiency of work for both cinemas and the management team. We recommend eq system and the XPRIMER platform to everyone who cares about the effectiveness of their activities in the field of human capital and internal communication.

    Jarosław Borzyński Human Resources Manager, Multikino S.A.
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    We were looking for a program that would allow us to effectively manage the working time in an extended reference period. Comparing the XPRIMER system with other programs we quickly noticed that it contains many additional functionalities such as the electronic flow of documents, access for employees to basic data related to their employment, a module for managing periodic assessments and many others that will help us support our processes. In addition, XPRIMER proved to be compatible with the other systems used in our plant, including HR and payroll program Enova. Therefore, we decided to purchase and implement the above system.

    Anna Soroczyńska HR Manager Central Europe, Brenderup Sp. z o.o.