All business processes in one place

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All business processes in one place

XPRIMER is a comprehensive solution for the effective management of business processes
in the areas of production and HR. It consists of specialised modules, enabling individual adaptation to the current needs of your company and the possibility of further expandability.

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Key features of the XPRIMER platform

Management of processes and information from a central location

Integrating processes and information into a single tool will help you understand the full context of your organisation’s operations.

automatyzacja procesów biznesowych w XPRIMER

Increasing process efficiency

Save your team time and ensure business scalability with solutions that support you efficiently regardless of the size of your organisation or the complexity of your processes. Use solutions validated by the largest companies.

Mobile access to information

XPRIMER provides online access to key information via a web browser, employee kiosk and dedicated mobile app.

Provide yourself and your team with anytime, anywhere access to critical data and make decisions using your smartphone or tablet.

Security of storage and collection of data

Using the latest technology and advanced authorisation management, control access to specific information. Also ensure compliance with GDPR.

Efficient internal communication

Improve the quality of your team’s work by ensuring efficient and effective internal communication.

The portal interface can be personalised according to the needs of users and the organisation.

Handling multi-company entities

Streamline the flow of information and documents between multiple entities that use a common IT infrastructure.

Modular design

The flexible design allows the use of individual functionalities which are grouped in several cooperating modules.

Improve your business by creating your own information flows and organisational processes using innovative tools and technologies.

Integration with other IT systems

Use integration with external systems (including ERP, SCP, APS or BI) and MS Office to maintain data consistency and streamline data collection.

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