Production preparation: a background that matters?

Sometimes we may have the impression that the preparation of production is only a background – while it really is the first element of the process itself, and in fact it is a key element. The profitability and effectiveness of the actions taken depend on it.

Challenge: look from a perspective

In the production preparation process, it is extremely important to look from the perspective of the entire process, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of its specific stages and give much attention to technical solutions. Therefore a question arises – how to take care of all these elements and combine them into a coherent whole? The whole which will have a positive impact on the functioning of the entire company.

zarządzanie obiegiem dokumentów w firmie

Solution: preventive actions

The way to innovation in the area of production preparation is the awareness of particular steps (regardless of the type of production) and a detailed plan that will allow the effective supervision of work. A plan in which we find the distribution of all the work, the availability of the tools, machines and people and the assumed time of completion. Only full supervision allows the quick identification of the potential obstacles, such as overloading or unnecessary waiting times. And thus enable preventive action to be taken early.