A state-of-the-art HR and payroll system
combining on a single platform
all HR processes

A state-of-the-art HR and payroll system combining on a single platform all HR processes

XPRIMER.PAYROLL - efficient and reliable handling of payroll and HR processes

Personnel and payroll management is one of the fundamental processes taking place in every organisation, using information from many areas, such as time records, absences or incentive systems.

The XPRIMER platform, which covers comprehensive human resources management, supports HR and Payroll Departments by providing the XPRIMER.PAYROLL, which gives full control over the process and simplifies personnel management and salary calculations. 


CMMS - bezpieczeństwo pracy

Intuitive and user-friendly

designed with the user in mind, increasing work efficiency and comfort.

CMMS - oszczędność czasu

Fast and efficient

so that the payroll process takes much less time than before.

e-teczka - dokumentacja zgodna z przepisami

Up-to-date and compliant

which results in a reduced risk of error and safe operating conditions for the organisation.


Available from any location

via a web browser and providing employee self-service through a mobile application.


Flexible and scalable

adapting to the individual needs and specific characteristics of a particular business and providing the possibility to grow with new needs.


Open for integration

enabling data exchange with other systems and external institutions (e.g. Social Security Office, Tax Office, Central Statistical Office).

Streamline your company's HR and payroll processes, increasing security and comfort for your team.

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What are the advantages of XPRIMER.PAYROLL?

Higher efficiency

Automation of HR processes relieves HR staff of repetitive tasks, increases the efficiency of their work and minimises the risk of errors.

Cost reduction

The costs of implementing and maintaining a single system supporting all HR and payroll processes within an organisation are lower than for a non-integrated solution.

Employee Experience

The use of employee self-service and the reduction in the number of required administrative tasks increases employee comfort and efficiency.

Process improvement

The use of a comprehensive HR management platform streamlines the collection of data needed for salary calculations.

Data security

The elimination of paper documentation results in shorter and lower cost processes and increased data safety.

Risk reduction

Working in a system that is always up-to-date and compliant increases the level of security in a changing and unpredictable
legal and tax environment.

See how XPRIMER.PAYROLL works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER.PAYROLL works.

Explore the functionalities of XPRIMER.PAYROLL

XPRIMER.PAYROLL wspiera działania w zakresie HR, zapewniając m.in.: automatyczne wyliczanie i zestawienia listy płac, pasków, miesięczne zestawienia naliczonego podatku, dodatków wraz z zakładowym funduszem świadczeń socjalnych

Calculate payroll quickly and comfortably

XPRIMER.PAYROLL is equipped with several hundred pre-configured, ready-to-use payroll components. In addition, it is possible to introduce new, customised components with the specification of their calculation details.

The operation of the payroll calculation mechanism does not interfere with the user’s work in the system. The calculations are performed in the background and the user can carry out other operations at the same time. Payrolls are created in a short time and the process of their calculation does not require any supervision.

Boost a positive team experience with employee self-service

XPRIMER provides access to key information through a web browser, employee kiosk and mobile app. With self-service, employees can submit a holiday request, download a pay slip, PIT declaration or apply for a specific certificate at any time and from anywhere.

They can also view work schedules, the balance of hours worked in a given pay period, T&A readings, the available amount of leave.

Efficiently manage the full employment cycle

XPRIMER.PAYROLL is designed to ensure the consistency of data and information collected throughout an employee’s life in the organisation. The system enables the generation of contracts, annexes, certificates, terminations, certificates of employment.

In XPRIMER.PAYROLL, the employee is at the centre of the process and employment-specific data are aggregated into a single record (e.g. schedules, attendance lists, absences, holidays, medical examination records, etc.), making it quick and easy to analyse the employment history.

Save time with process automation

XPRIMER.PAYROLL automates many of the processes that form part of HR and payroll management, including the entry and balancing of absences or working time accounting.

To ensure the best possible communication between managers and the HR and Payroll Department, XPRIMER.PAYROLL guarantees the efficient distribution of information on salaries, absences and working time, as well as easy administration of the data.

automatyzacja procesów HR w portalu pracowniczym

Bet on secure and convenient communication with external institutions

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies and automation methods, XPRIMER.PAYROLL simplifies, among other things, the processes of handling Social Security declarations (including reporting and de-registering an employee and his/her family members), tax declarations, or downloading e-ZLA, as well as communication in processes related to handling EPP, ECP and SODiR (system for subsidies and reimbursements), etc.

XPRIMER.PAYROLL also supports reporting to the Central Statistical Office, providing both a number of ready-to-use reports (e.g. DG-1, Z-03, Z-05, Z-06 or Z-12), as well as HR and payroll data for independent preparation of individual reports.

Manage your company’s organisational structure in a single platform

XPRIMER.PAYROLL allows you to enter an organisational structure containing a list of organisational units, job positions and associated employees. This functionality helps to determine the planned and actual number of FTEs and position requirements. It facilitates employee record-keeping in terms of health and safety requirements, and helps with reporting to the Central Statistical Office.

Managing the organisational structure in XPRIMER.PAYROLL facilitates the identification of cost locations for business analysis purposes.

Streamline your workflow with payroll transfers, deductions, seizures and full ECP and EPP support

XPRIMER.PAYROLL functions such as payroll, salary seizures (alimony and non-alimony), deductions, employee loans, ECP (Employee Capital Plans), EPP (Employee Pension Plans) or Social Security after accounting enable the generation of a bank transfer. Once the transfer file has been exported, it can be imported into the banking system to finalise the transaction.

XPRIMER.PAYROLL allows you to enrol participants in Employee Capital Plans automatically, register and handle resignations, renewal of participation, change of basic or additional contribution, change of data, execution of transfer to another Investment Fund, handling of billing declarations along with generation of a transfer file to a selected financial institution.

Make the right decisions based on HR and payroll analytics available at a glance

Thanks to the information available online, the user in XPRIMER.PAYROLL can generate reports to help make strategic decisions in the company.

XPRIMER.PAYROLL supports HR activities by providing, among others: lists of payroll, slips, monthly statements of accrued tax, statements of deductions, allowances, Company Social Fund allowances, bonuses, statements of employees/exempt persons in a given period, lists and employment status as at a given day, employment structure by function/ position/ seniority/ education/ age as at a given day, statements and settlements of absences.

See how XPRIMER.PAYROLL works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER.PAYROLL works.

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