Digital registration of time and attendance streamlining work organisation

Digital registration of time and attendance streamlining work organisation

XPRIMER.TNA - efficient online Time & Attendance Registration

According to labour legislation, every employer is obliged to keep a record of the working time of its employees. Thanks to the introduction of a modern solution such as Time & Attendance Registration with XPRIMER.TNA, the control and recording of working time and the management of authorisations are simple and do not engage supervisors’ time.

With XPRIMER.TNA the Time & Attendance Registration is:

CMMS - oszczędność czasu


accurately reflects actual times of start and end of work, delays, breaks, private leaves.



eliminates the risk of errors that are possible with manual data entry.



data is fed straight into the system, eliminating the need for paper time records.



gives online access to data and reduces the time needed to prepare data for salary calculations.



takes into account individual working conditions (overtime, different starting times, working on days off) and varied working time systems, shifts, schedules.



data are available on the employee portal, where the employee can access and verify them.

Streamline your Time and Attendance processes by eliminating paper documentation.

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What benefits does XPRIMER.TNA offer?

Lower administration costs

Automation of time recording and accounting brings savings in administrative costs.

Greater labour discipline

Improved accuracy of recording, reporting and analysis from the working time area enhances discipline.

Better cost control

Day-to-day balancing of overtime and undertime allows better control of employee costs.

Improved security

Constant monitoring of people present at the worksite increases the level of safety in the company.


Automatic transfer of T&A data directly into the system reduces the time needed to prepare data for payroll.

Fast response to changes

Digital recording of employee attendance provides the possibility of quickly and easily identifying staff shortages, which results in the effective designation of replacements.

See how XPRIMER.TNA works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER.TNA works.

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podsumowanie: ewidencja czasu pracy pracowników otrzymujących ryczałt, również przygotowania zawodowego

Consider different sources of data in time accounting

XPRIMER.TNA enables the recording of working time based on data from various sources: T&A readings, records in the MES system, manual entry of start and end times by the employee. 

The T&A readings are automatically transferred to the work schedule, and the administrator can define individual tolerances (e.g. earlier or later arrival at work) and extend the working time with company-specific breaks (e.g. lunch break) or set flexible working time for the employee. 

Once the data entered has been verified for compliance and the work records for a particular month have been approved, the data – depending on the configuration – is sent to the HR and payroll system.

Effectively balance overtime and underwork

Based on the recorded working time and the schedule planned for the month, XPRIMER will indicate underwork and calculate overtime. In the system, it is possible to indicate which amount of overtime and when it is to be set for payment/receipt by default and which overtime is to be paid at 50% or 100%. The schedule summary shows not only the amount of overtime, but also its corresponding distribution.

Thanks to the function of group balancing of overtime, XPRIMER offers the possibility of automatic balancing of overworked and underworked time within a given month. Based on an employee’s request, the system allows the transfer of overtime from the current pay period to the following pay period.

prowadzenie ewidencji czasu pracy
elektroniczne przepustki - ewidencja czasu pracy w XPRIMER TNA

Manage users, readers and T&A cards from one place

XPRIMER.TNA allows the administration of cards, readers and users of T&A systems (adding, importing, issuing, returning cards, blocking in the event of loss of a card or firing an employee, expiry dates of cards, etc.). It is possible to grant various permissions to individual users or entire groups, depending on the individual permissions or group permissions to which the users belong.

Implement digital passes

XPRIMER.TNA eliminates the manual entry and exit database. It allows the creation of electronic passes and “guest” cards. Passes can be one-time (their validity always expires on the date of issue) or temporary (in this case, validity expires after a specific date).

The pass-issuer has the option of completing the visitor’s data with additional information, such as the place of employment and the visitor’s vehicle registration number, the purpose of the visit or who the visitor is visiting in the company. When the pass is returned, it is possible to anonymise the data entered.

ewidencja czasu pracy w wersji elektronicznej - ikonka

See how XPRIMER.TNA works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER.TNA works.

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