One-stop tool management
Reduce waste of time and money
Increase the lifetime of your tools
Ensure on-time delivery of manufacturing orders

XPRIMER.TCS – improvement of work organisation and resource efficiency

XPRIMER.TCS (Tool Control System) is an easy-to-use system for managing tools and instrumentation used in the production process.

The up-to-date knowledge of the location of tools and their current status and available lifetime at XPRIMER.TCS guarantees full control of the tool room in a modern production company.

XPRIMER.TCS, accessible from a browser and mobile app, enables quick and efficient handing over and reception of tools, control of their location and verification of their consumption rate based on data from the XPRIMER.MES system, as well as management of their reconditioning, calibration/legalisation or disposal.

The efficient tooling information flow provided in XPRIMER.TCS allows the SMED process to be more effective.

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Streamline toolroom management with a central tool data repository in XPRIMER.TCS


Reduce administrative costs

by eliminating paper documentation and organising tool data in a single system.

system MES - mniejsze marnotrawstwo

Reduce wastage

by maintaining a repository of tools, their labelling and location control.

CMMS - oszczędność czasu

Extend tools' lifetime

thanks to employees taking greater care of the tools entrusted to them.


Standardise tool management processes

by digitalising them in a system that monitors their proper progress.


Improve maintenance planning

by monitoring the condition of each tool and its remaining lifetime in real time.


Enhance tool handover and receipt processes

using the mobile app and smartphone scanning functions.

e-teczka -  transparentna

Balance machine production capacity with tooling

thanks to the information on tool availability and production plan needs.


Increase the precision and credibility of the plan

analysing the availability and lifetime of tools and including them in the production plan.

zasoby magazynowe pobierane są z systemu ERP do systemu APS

Boost your company's productivity

by increasing the availability of core resources.

See how XPRIMER.TCS works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER.TCS works. 

Explore the functionalities of XPRIMER.TCS

Manage all your tools and instrumentation from one place

XPRIMER.TCS collects all tool data and allows the mapping of tool inventory by tracked (to the piece) and non-tracked tools. The user can specify minimum tool stocks, below which an automatic message is generated.

Thanks to the transactions provided in the XPRIMER platform and the registration of tool rental/return, the user is able to track a particular tool’s current location. The tool manager can verify when and who received a particular tool by accessing the full history of stock movements.

XPRIMER.TCS also enables the definition of a tool set that can be used in the production of a given product/semi-finished product on selected machines with a specific tool consumption.

Monitor the Remaining Useful Life of tools in real time

XPRIMER.TCS enables monitoring of tool wear and checking the current service life of each tool being tracked. From the production terminal or the mobile application, the user can register the insertion or removal of tools. Then, not only is the information needed for traceability available, but tool wear is also calculated on the basis of the number of pieces produced on a particular tool, mounted on a particular machine, registered in the MES system.

Plan and supervise preventive maintenance activities on tools

XPRIMER.TCS also includes the management of preventive events such as tool reconditioning or legalisation (calibration). The user can define activities and BOMs in the reconditioning template. He can also define cyclical orders related to the reconditioning or legalisation (calibration) of tools, which will be generated manually or automatically. A definable checklist created in XPRIMER.TCS for the legalisation (calibration) of a tool allows the user to record the results of its legalisation (calibration).

From XPRIMER.TCS it is also possible to define tools that should be decommissioned due to their status/condition. When submitting tools for decommissioning, the user is required to indicate the reason for decommissioning for the selected items.

Take available tools into account in production plans

Data from XPRIMER.TCS on available tools and planned reconditioning processes, legalisation (calibration) and remaining tool life are used in APS, thereby increasing the reliability and feasibility of the production plan and with this, the on-time order execution.

XPRIMER.TCS enables integration with the ASPROVA APS for the import of tool release orders for production. The request for a particular tool and an automatic tool release order can also be generated from XPRIMER.MES. This type of automation streamlines production management processes, facilitates the work of operators and eliminates wasted time and the risk of errors.

Calculate production costs with precision and generate savings

Detailed information on the wear rate of tools for given production orders, their actual condition and planned reconditioning/calibration activities allows precise calculation of production costs.

On the other hand, control over the number of available tools or tool sets and information on their peak demand helps to reduce the costs of the spare tool warehouse. In addition, the elimination of paper documentation and full supervision of tools entrusted to employees allows generation of additional savings.


See how XPRIMER.TCS works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER.TCS works. 

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