XPRIMER Mobile app

Access to essential 
information from anywhere
and at any time

Access to essential information from anywhere and at any time
XPRIMER Mobile app

XPRIMER Mobile application - key HR processes on your phone

The XPRIMER platform, which encompasses end-to-end human resources management, supports HR processes and employee self-service by providing a mobile application that streamlines the flow of information within the organisation. This is particularly important in organisations with a distributed structure or in companies that allow remote working.

The app is designed for every employee. Regardless of your position in the organisation, your function and the tasks you perform, with XPRIMER you will streamline your work and that of your team.

XPRIMER Mobile application is:



allowing both the submission of various applications, verification of their status and access to other key information.

CMMS - bezpieczeństwo pracy


tailored to users with varying levels of mobile experience.



adapting to any mobile device, whether Android or iOS.



giving access only after logging in with a login and password or using biometrics.

CMMS - oszczędność czasu


as we ensure that the latest version is always available from the Google Play and App shops.

system MES - ciągłe doskonalenie


improve the flow of information within the organisation and effectively manage the work of your team.

Improve the flow of information within the organisation and effectively manage
the work of your team.

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What are the benefits of XPRIMER Mobile app?

Business agility

Streamlining self-service activities through intuitive submission, a notification system and anytime, anywhere access to key data impacts on the speed and agility of the organisation.

Cost reduction

Reducing the number of administrative tasks and the time required for them has the effect of significantly reducing the costs of handling HR management processes and increasing the efficiency of the HR department.

Employee Experience

Providing employees with a mobile app and instant access to always up-to-date data translates into higher employee satisfaction and a better perception of the organisation in the labour market.

Better communication

Direct access to all relevant employee information from a phone or tablet, the ability to track the status of requests and a notification board improves internal communication.

Data security

An individual user account secured by password or biometrics and the elimination of paper documents increase the level of data security.

Streamlining processes

Using a comprehensive HR management platform allows all processes to be streamlined, ensuring a smooth flow of information within the organisation. 

See how XPRIMER Mobile app works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER Mobile app works.

Explore the functionalities of XPRIMER Mobile application

Provide employees with self-service capabilities from a mobile device

The employees can in the XPRIMER Mobile application:

  • check their scheduled working time, verify the number of hours worked in a given month and view T&A records,
  • verify the balance of overtime in a given pay period and submit a request to collect overtime,
  • check the amount of accrued leave in a given period and plan their annual leave,
  • issue and send holiday requests and track their status,
  • verify the salary slip, including all allowances, and download TAX declaration,
  • apply for remote working and business or private leave,
  • request the necessary certificates and documents (on earnings, employment, issue of copies of employee documents, etc.) and request office supplies, marketing, personal protective equipment, etc.

Streamline staff management processes

XPRIMER Mobile app also has a panel for the manager with additional team management functions. In addition to the standard activities available in XPRIMER app, the managers can:

  • accept leave requests and requests for time off in lieu
  • quickly check the planned work schedules of his team,
  • verify the time worked by employees in a given pay period,
  • manage his own tasks and those of his subordinate team.

Ensure efficient internal communication

The XPRIMER Mobile app allows you to communicate effectively with your colleagues. An element supporting efficient communication is the app’s built-in board with notifications and announcements.

The user can add and receive notes and comments on the status of ongoing tasks and applications he or she has submitted. He or she also receives push notifications pertaining to him or her of every message that appears on the noticeboard.

Eliminate paper workflow and increase the level of information security

Handling all personnel management processes in XPRIMER speeds up the circulation of information within the organisation. It eliminates the circulation of paper documents on the one hand, thus reducing the risk of errors, loss of documents or their destruction and accelerates the process of accepting applications and ensures its transparency. 

An extensive rights and access management system ensures the security of access to information.

automatyzacja procesów HR w portalu pracowniczym

See how XPRIMER Mobile app works in practice

Contact us and arrange a meeting, during which we will present how XPRIMER Mobile app works.

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