Production scheduling: the importance of details

The world is not perfect. Theory does not always coincide with practice. Suppliers are late, machines break down, customers change their minds, and most often in the least expected moment. Every, even the smallest, detail has an impact on the efficiency of the company’s operations, and it is maintained at the expense of people, quality or time. These actions often lead to losses that could easily be avoided. The only question is: how?

Challenge: a holistic approach

The main challenge in production scheduling is not to create a plan, but rather to optimize the production process. It can only be started when we are able to look at the process as a whole, and not as separate elements. Recognize its individual stages, limitations and mutually penetrating streams of values. Go from a fragmentary approach to a holistic approach.

elektroniczny obieg dokumentów w firmie
zarządzanie obiegiem dokumentów w firmie

Solution: process coordination

The achievement of smooth and stable production scheduling is possible on one condition – all the key processes must be covered by a detailed and precise schedule that takes into account all the relevant limitations. With today’s dynamically changing world, it requires a flexible approach and a high level of awareness of the people who are responsible for the next stages of the process. Discovering the sheer size of the potential that lies in the coordination of processes and the elimination of all the losses that occur in them (with special regard to unnecessary waiting times and overproduction) guarantees the continuous improvement of processes, and thus continuous development.