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Plan your carbon footprint

Do you know how large your company’s manufacturing and supply chain carbon footprint is and what it consists of? Have you wondered whether you can actively influence the sustainability of your organisation? Entrepreneurs are more and more often asking themselves this question and are more and more often moving in this direction. Among such companies is EQ System Scandinavia Oy. Read what makes us different.

One step ahead of the carbon footprint

EQ System Scandinavia’s mission is to eliminate waste from the manufacturing industry through proper planning. We have developed a concept that enables companies to predict their greenhouse gas emissions and plan their production and supply chain. The resulting plans simulate, optimise, collect current data and report in advance, even before the carbon footprint arises.

Investment in ecology

The use of raw materials and semi-finished products in manufacturing, logistics, storage, production lines and equipment, as well as their routing in relation to orders are choices which might affect future greenhouse gas emissions. What can help you to make the right decisions? A method for predicting the size of your carbon footprint, based on the world-class IT tools we provide.

Using them, you will be able to determine the extent to which your company will commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and whether this issue will become another business objective for the organisation. Importantly, you will work out manufacturing costs in relation to emissions as part of the design process, without additional calculations. You will also be able to communicate to your customers how much they are investing in reducing their carbon footprint.

Kari Juntunen

CEO, Founder at EQ System Scandinavia Oy


Do you want your company to be perceived as greener? Take advantage of the functionality of tools that will enable you to develop in this direction. Contact our expert and find out more.

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