Finalisation of the “Digital Operator” project

The “Digital Operator” project has been completed, aimed, among other things, at integrating two key areas for our clients: production and HR, and introducing a new methodology for managing production staff. One of the most important elements of the project was the creation of a so-called “digital twin” of a production operator – i.e. a digital reality mapping of the data and characteristics of a specific employee.

Thanks to the use of advanced AI technologies, the project enables the identification and implementation of key forecasting processes from the point of view of production companies, such as:

  • operator availability,
  • variability of competencies,
  • production execution rate in relation to the operators employed,
  • competence availability,
  • efficiency/effectiveness of operators in production processes.


The implementation of the “Digital Operator” project will bring many benefits, including reduced costs, increased operational flexibility and maintaining competitiveness. Production companies will be better equipped to manage complex market challenges, which will translate into achieving higher production standards and better fulfilling customer needs. The project represents a significant step forward in the integration of modern technology into everyday management practice in manufacturing, opening up new opportunities for further innovation.


The project was co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development under the Intelligent Development 2014 – 2020 Programme.

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