Grupa Azoty Compounding opts for modern solutions in the production planning and scheduling process

Grupa Azoty Compounding Sp. z o.o., a company within Grupa Azoty S.A., has successfully finished the implementation of the advanced production planning and scheduling software – ASPROVA APS – and the XPRIMER.MES system for production monitoring and record-keeping. The implementation of both systems for production management in the company is the next step in the consistently pursued strategy of improving processes while increasing production potential.

ASPROVA APS was chosen for its ability to reflect the company’s specifics and the possibility to individually modify parameters and build what-if simulations (simulation tools that allow the creation of multiple variants of a situation’s development and the analysis of their effects). The XPRIMER.MES system, on the other hand, allows the efficient monitoring of the course of production processes, the stocks and working times of production resources and the progress of orders. The implementation of advanced APS and MES systems confirms the position of Grupa Azoty Compounding as a leader in the plastics industry in terms of innovation and implementation of new IT technologies.

„The company’s digitisation of production planning and recording processes guarantees high reliability of the information provided to the customer and allows for more precise cost accounting and management of production resources” – emphasises Dariusz Cholewa, CEO of Grupa Azoty Compounding.

As part of its sustainability mission, Grupa Azoty Compounding is systematically implementing projects to minimise by-products in its production processes. In 2023, the company introduced a new product line, Tarnoprop PIR, Tarnamid® PIR based on modified varieties of polypropylene and polyamide 6, containing a minimum of 30% recycled materials. This not only reduces the amount of waste, but also results in a high-quality product that is used in the automotive or stadium industries, among others.

„For us, sustainability is not just a duty, it is our mission. We act responsibly and with care for our planet. Every step we take towards minimising our environmental impact is our investment in the future,” adds Dariusz Cholewa.

Grupa Azoty Compounding is not only implementing innovative solutions, but also proving that development is not just words, but real action. Currently, XPRIMER.CMMS is being implemented to digitise maintenance management processes. By introducing new technologies, the Grupa Azoty Compounding is pioneering and inspiring others to take similar initiatives.


About Grupa Azoty Compounding Sp. z o.o.:

Grupa Azoty Compounding Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically growing company within the Grupa Azoty S.A., operating in the plastics industry. The mission of Grupa Azoty Compounding is to manufacture products of the highest quality, based on modern technologies, while respecting the natural environment.

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