eq system with the honourable mention in the Karol Adamiecki Economic Award Competition

We all know that rewards are rewarding – but when they are related to innovations – they make us doubly pleased. This time the eq system was marked with the honourable mention in the category of ‘medium business’ in competition for the Economic Award of Karol Adamiecki’s name. This project was organised for the third time by Zbigniew Podraza, the president of Dąbrowa Górnicza. It was addressed to micro, small and medium businesses which are placed or operate in Dąbrowa Górnicza and during last three years have implemented innovations and at the same time have been operating in compliance with the principles of ethics and corporate social responsibility. Prizes in this unique competition were given out during the Gala of Entrepreneurship in the Palace of Zagłębie’s Culture. The honourable mention was picked up on behalf of the eq system by Michał Lach – board chairman of eq system LLC.

Analysis of the initial situation
We are distinctive by our complexity of approach to management problems.  We are able to support our clients as well during the implementation and improvement of business-organizational processes as after its completion. To make this possible, we always start with an in-depth analysis of the initial situation, so let’s start from the very beginning this time as well. Karol Adamiecki was an outstanding management theoretician born in Dąbrowa Górnicza in 1866. He formulated the law of harmony of selection, harmony of the work of collective labour organs and optimal production. Many of us do not realize that it is his achievement that became the foundation of the organization and management’s knowledge on which current management processes are based. Put simply, he was the first to talk about how important the control function in business management is and he described it as “accurate, sufficient, uninterrupted, immediate and sustainable”. It can therefore be concluded that today’s industrial organization without his observations and scientific work would not be the same. Even for the most advanced and modern IT systems the theoretical analysis based on experience and ability to practically perceive management processes is needed. Therefore, it is no wonder that the award for innovation was named after him.

Innovation appreciated!
In the eq system we are looking only for the best and most innovative solutions but in the moment when it fails – we create them ourselves. To such projects we can figure in creating authorial XPRIMER platform and extending it with functionality which allows for the implementation of the Industry 4.0 assumptions – XPRIMER.MOM. It would not be possible without a team of qualified specialists from the research&development department and programming department. Both teams are characterised by professionalism and innovative approach to projects carried out. These are the features, which combined with detailed analysis of requirements of the market, allowed for creating this complex system and filling in the gap in other systems responsible for realisation the Industry 4.0 conception in practice. XPRIMER.MOM allows for effective implementation of its assumptions and cares for their effective realisation. It is first system of Polish authorship which was dedicated to this subject. Its aim is to enable the management of the entire production process from designing through realisation to the end of the life course of product and service.

The MOM module includes among others:

  • Tools for creating, managing and supervising the production technology
  • Product configurator- a tool which allows creating and saving a set of selectable features and parameters that can be used later
  • Toolroom – tool magazine management, their usage, logistics and legalization processes

It is the first Polish tool which allows taking care of all production processes and thereby implementing and improving the Industry 4.0  assumptions in practice. Our team pays great attention to the eq system being a modern organisation which approach is based on harmony both in external and internal relations. We cooperate with universities, local artists, social organisations, and we take active part in cultural or sport events in our region.  All the more we are graced with the honourable mention we were given in the competition of Karol Adamiecki’s name. Thank you!

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