XPRIMER.PAYROLL – new personnel and payroll module in the XPRIMER platform

During the conference “XPRIMER 5.1. new functionalities supporting the digitalization of your company in the field of production and HR” a new module of the XPRIMER platform was presented – the personnel and payroll module.

So far the areas supported by XPRIMER.WFM were planning, recording and accounting of working time, automatic planning of schedules, e-files, HR analytics and broadly understood communication with employees. As we are extremely keen on providing our clients with solutions which support process management in a comprehensive manner, we created XPRIMER.PAYROLL, in which we combined the knowledge and experience of our team with the needs and suggestions of our clients. When asking clients what features a good personnel and payroll system should have, we received very coherent answers focusing on several key areas. We gathered this information and used it in designing the XPRIMER.PAYROLL module which, in our understanding, should be a tool created by practitioners to meet business expectations.

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