Lotnisko w Balicach - wdrożenie platformy xprimer

Airport administration supported by XPRIMER

The vision of the Kraków John Paul II International Airport is to achieve a significant position among the best-managed European regional ports, valued for their impact on the economic growth of the city and the region and for the strict adherence to the principles of sustainable development. In 2019, the airport served almost 8.5 million people, which gives over 17% share in passenger traffic at all airports in Poland, making it the undisputed leader of regional airports in the country.

In March this year, the company decided to continue cooperation with eq system technology Ltd. and to commence the project involving the implementation of the XPRIMER platform in airport administrative process management, including electronic communication and document circulation as well as settlement of aviation and non-aviation services. XPRIMER will replace the system used so far in this area and introduce a technological innovation ensuring integration with airport infrastructure systems.

The aim of the project is to optimise and increase the efficiency of the processes and systematically implement the paperless office as a component of sustainable development.

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