Planowanie produkcji - system w Electro Welle

Precision at every stage: Electro Welle

Electro Welle wdraża system APS Asprova

PPHU Electro-Welle is a Polish electronics company based in Marcinkowice near Nowy Sacz, which currently employs approximately 150 people. It mainly focuses on the assembly of electronic components, using the most advanced technologies in this field. The main core of the machinery is SMT lines for automatic assembly and soldering equipment for through-hole assembly in a nitrogen atmosphere, which provide good performance with relatively short changeover times. This results in high production flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to new business conditions.

Following continuous investment in machinery and the improvement of internal logistics, material and auxiliary processes, the decision was taken to launch a project on production planning and scheduling and the recording of the status of ongoing orders.

Electro-Welle, wishing to continuously improve the achievement of objectives such as closing the MRP and MRP2 feedback loop and ensuring proper synchronisation of production processes in the company, relied on well-known and proven solutions, the APS Asprova system (advanced production planning and scheduling) and XPRIMER MES (production records and monitoring).

The implementation project, despite difficulties related to the sanitary situation in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, is gaining momentum, with completion scheduled for the third quarter of 2021.

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