Danwood builds its advantage with eq system

Every project, regardless of its scope, should first and foremost be based on the right foundations. At eq system, the invariable “foundation” which effectively supports the implementation of assumptions is a detailed concept of improvements. It makes it possible to clearly define expectations, to determine specific stages of the project, to adapt solutions to the tiniest nuances of production processes and to establish a reliable schedule for individual works.

Danwood predominantly appreciated in the concept developed by our specialists the fact that it did not concern only the implementation of Asprova APS and Opera MES systems. Its scope is much broader: it assesses in detail the initial situation of the company, determines the elements that must be improved even before the implementation and defines the actions that allow for continuous improvement of production management processes and software development after the implementation.

At the moment, for confidentiality reasons, we cannot talk about the details of the project and thus about the benefits resulting from our cooperation and implementation of the systems, Asprova APS and Opera MES. However, usually the combination of the functionality of these tools and their precise adjustment to the company’s business strategy allows, among other things, simplification of the entire production process, improvement of the stability of schedules and increase of the efficiency of production resources (including people, machines and tools). We have no doubt that the cooperation based on the exchange of experience and knowledge between specialists from both companies will bring the benefits, as expected, and will be satisfactory for both Danwood and eq system. We will inform you about the effects only after the implementation is completed.

Michał Żelichowski, Product Manager eq system

The project is scheduled for completion in summer 2018.

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