Logistics processes under close scrutiny, or the next step in Dafi’s development

Openness to modern solutions and progress makes the Dafi brand constantly evolve. It is a family company with traditions: the only manufacturer of water jugs and filtering bottles for tap water with 100% Polish capital. Their in-depth knowledge of the market, own production facilities and investment in human potential have helped the company to establish a brand recognisable in Poland and worldwide. Dafi has been on the market for over 30 years. During this time, it has managed to develop numerous original and patented production solutions. All departments implementing Dafi products are concentrated in two factories, which ensures the best quality control and close contact with customers. Not every company can boast of such achievements. However, behind this success lies not only knowledge and experience, but also investment in development, innovative approach to business and continuous attention to improving performance.

Proper management of logistics processes is not just about being able to find goods quickly and get them to the customer as quickly as possible. There is much more behind it. Logistic processes are also preparation of documentation, correct labelling of goods, fast and efficient stocktaking, ability to locate production errors, monitoring of raw material flow, supply chain management, as well as internal logistics. Being able to coordinate all these processes is a challenge.

The cooperation between eq system and Dafi started several years ago with the implementation of the Asprova APS system for production planning and scheduling. The next step towards the company’s development was the decision to improve logistics processes. The easiest thing to do in such a situation is, of course, to identify problems; the most difficult thing is to find the right company and solution to help to eliminate those problems. Even though Dafi had scoured the market thoroughly for the perfect system, they ultimately opted for DCIx and for cooperation with eq system once again. This is a great honour for us!

Continuing to work with Dafi on the implementation a new system has many advantages. The greatest of these is the fact that our specialists know very well what the individual processes within the company look like. Identification of the company’s problems was not difficult for us: bottlenecks in production, lack of the possibility to quickly locate the goods, delays in deliveries, a few days’ stocktaking and errors in production. At the analysis stage, we have easily defined business objectives in the area of logistic processes. In the next stages of implementation, the most important element for us will be an efficient integration with other systems which operate in Dafi, ERP systems and systems used for planning and scheduling production.

We have been working with eq system for a long time. In the beginning, we implemented the Asprova APS system. When looking for a solution to manage logistics processes, we did not hesitate to choose the system offered by eq system, DCIx. It is this tool that will enable us to manage the supply chain comprehensively, help us to monitor the flow of raw materials, coordinate work and manage internal logistics. In addition to achieving the benefits we expect, we know that with this tool we will be able to continue to grow in the future. DCIx is a modular solution which adapts to the growth and needs of the company, said Maciej Burstein, Member of the Management Board and Development Director at Dafi.

The implementation of the DCIx system is still in progress, but those responsible for the company’s development can already see how much benefit they will gain from implementing this solution. Together with Dafi experts, we have defined the most important business objectives to be achieved. These include:

  • eliminating mistakes related to the dispatch of wrong goods;
  • reducing the time taken to prepare the necessary documentation;
  • the possibility of picking twice as many products and thus serving twice as many customers;
  • reducing the stocktaking time;
  • reducing the time needed for final product picking;
  • faster time of shipping to the customer;
  • greater mobility of warehousemen;
  • supervising the movement of all raw materials and products.

Finally, we can only add that we are already looking forward to completing the implementation and taking stock of the joint project!

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