Digitalizacja w JS Fabryka Przekładni

Digitalisation of production management at JS Fabryka Przekładni

JS Fabryka Przkładni wdraża system APS

JS Fabryka Przekładni was established in 1982. The company is located near Słupsk. At present, it is a leader among European gearbox manufacturers, supplying many sectors of economy, agriculture, municipal, forestry as well as railway.

Its customers include the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Poland, the European Union and Russia. The company’s advantage is its flexibility, individual approach to customers and constant investment in modern production technologies. Its unquestionable advantage includes its highly qualified employees with long working experience.

JS Fabryka Przekładni has a state-of-the-art, unique machine park, enabling it to manufacture gears and gearing of any type. It manufactures over 320 types of gears, also to individual orders.

Timely execution, product quality, the ability to balance and accept orders with 100% certainty, flexibility to market volatility, maximum use of unique and expensive machinery are all areas in which JS Fabryka Przekładni must be perfect.

The company decided to digitise the production management area so that these areas are under full system control. In cooperation with EQ System, it computerises the technology development model (XPRIMER system), production planning and scheduling (APS Asprova system) and production monitoring (XPRIMER MES), thus closing the production control feedback loop.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

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