Współpraca firmy Autopart z eq system

Improvement of production processes at Autopart

Autopart is a Polish battery manufacturer based in Mielec. It specialises in industrial production of high-quality batteries for all types of vehicles, tractors and agricultural machinery, boats and campers. It produces 2.5 million batteries annually and distributes them to over 50 countries around the world.

Autopart is constantly improving its production management processes, especially in terms of automation, robotisation, quality processes and logistics. This is very important in the context of the changes taking place in the industry: ever shorter runs and deadlines or increased delivery frequency.

We are pleased to cooperate with Autopart and provide solutions for the automation of information flow in production planning and scheduling. Optimisation, synchronisation of the course of individual production batches while taking into account a large number of parameters limiting the process: this is the task that was set before us. Autopart and EQ System also set themselves the goal of achieving 100% satisfaction of battery buyers with the entire order handling process: from the confirmation deadline, through production optimisation, to the delivery deadline.

Both parties chose ASPROVA APS as the IT system to support the implementation of the above activities and the achievement of their objectives.

Work is currently progressing smoothly and according to schedule.


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