The simple way to achieve the goal in Raben Group plus technological innovation

When we implement projects, we always consider the consequences of the improvements throughout the organisation. Will they be groundbreaking for the company, will they be… innovative? This time, we would like to give our client Raben Group and its Director of Added Services the opportunity to speak. What does he understand by this concept and how is innovation introduced across Raben Group?

Our clients have ever higher requirements in terms of completion dates and integration with their plans. It often comes down to the fact that they would like to be able to manage our company like their own factory: in Raben, we enable them to do so. Our idea is to integrate our company with the client in such a way that its planners balance our production. We are aware that we are able to do this, but currently we are blocked by the tools we use. Therefore, we decided to cooperate with eq system and implement systems for planning, scheduling and monitoring of production. We think carefully about our development; we follow trends and we know that the value of service will considerably change. Increasingly, short series will be transferred to logistics operators that will be expected to adapt in a short time to different requirements, different customers and their very different needs. We want to increase the transaction volume and reduce transaction cost. That is why we have been developing the co-packing and co-manufacturing segment extremely intensively for 5 years. The intensity of our development and the scale of business that we are beginning to reach require a completely new approach from us. We currently have 8 branches in Poland, in which already 700 people work. Such dynamic growth means that the tools we use are beginning to limit us significantly. We need solutions that will keep up with our dynamics and will not require replacement after a few years, emphasises Łukasz Dubina, Director of Added Services at Raben Logistics Polska.


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