System APS i system MES w firmie Formaster

Formaster and eq system are joining forces again

Formaster Group is a production company that has operated on the Polish market for over 30 years. The company is recognised in Poland and abroad, mainly owing to the production of Dafi brand water jugs, filters and water heaters. The continuous technological development of the company and the increase in the volume of products made the business relations of Formaster Group with eq system even closer.

After successful implementations at the headquarters in Kielce, completed with the automation of the production control process with the use of order scheduling APS (APS Asprova system) and the MES for supervising these orders (XPRIMER.MES), we started work in the second seat, in Bilcza, in a similar scope.

Moreover, Formaster, using our knowledge and support, digitises other business areas, such as warehouse management (WMS) or optimisation of employee schedules using XPRIMER.HRM.

In the era of Industry 4.0, both our organisation and Formaster are committed to online response to the changing demand, increasing flexibility and 100% effectiveness to reach the OTIF index.

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