Silesian Business Caesars for the CEO of eq system

During the 25th Jubilee Gala of the Business Center Club Katowice the Silesian Business Caesars were awarded – a unique distinction for the Silesian business leaders and an expression of appreciation for the achievements of their companies. This year, among the laureates, eq system CEO Michał Lach was distinguished. The award was granted for, among others, excellent financial results of our company, involvement in social activities and managerial skills of Michał Lach.

Nagroda dla Michała Lacha

The laureate emphasises that it is an award for the whole team, for which the most important thing in the cooperation with clients is solving real problems. We want to comprehensively improve the management of our clients, so we always first look for the answer to the question “why”. The “why” is finding the purpose of the action. Once we have established the purpose, we move on to the “how” and the “what”. According to eq system, the tools are not the solution. It is the combination of competence, the client’s knowledge of his company and its specifics and then an IT system that is adapted and implemented accordingly. Our specialists often challenge the status quo, rebuild business processes together with customers, analyse step by step “why” a company wants to improve its management.

“We just keep enjoying what we do,” Michał Lach sums up the 30 years of eq system. – The adrenaline of searching for new solutions has not subsided in us. We are not resting on our laurels, we are still looking for new heights – he adds.


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