Traceability w firmie precise production management with MES Poland is a leading supplier of components for the automotive industry in Poland. The company’s main customers are the car manufacturers Hyundai and Kia. Poland specialises in the production and painting of plastic parts. The production technologies used include injection moulding, painting and assembly. The company supplies components directly to car assembly lines and works in a just-in-time mode; therefore, system reliability is one of the key parameters of its operation.

As customers demand delivery of high quality products, on-time delivery and a very competitive price for products, production monitoring is necessary. In order to be able to perform it, the owners of Poland decided to cooperate with eq system in the implementation of Opera MES software. The decision to purchase the system came after the company was obliged by its customers to undergo an audit confirming traceability registration per product piece.

Traceability at Poland

The production process gives around 20,000 components per day. Each must be marked with a unique 2d code. It was, therefore, a special requirement of the company to implement the traceability functionality.

To meet this expectation, it was necessary to build a large IT infrastructure in the production halls. Production workstations were equipped with 2d code terminals and printers. User screens were modified in order to maximally simplify terminal operation. This was all the more important as many of the terminals register work with a frequency of approximately one minute.

What has the MES implementation changed?

The result of the implementation is the marking of each piece with a unique 2d code which allows reading of data concerning not only the components of which the item is made (raw material or semi-finished product), but also by which employee and at what workstation it was made.

Any mistake in the delivery may result in penalties on the part of the Consignee, which is why Poland has also implemented control functions before the goods leave the company. This increases the security of correct deliveries containing the right components.

Thanks to the implementation of the Opera MES software, online reports are also available in production, presented on TVs hanging in the halls, showing the current production progress. Deviations from the plan are signalled in real time with appropriate messages.

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