European Medal for eq system

We are proud to announce that our company has been awarded another prestigious prize. The European Medal, which we received as a distinction for our proprietary XPRIMER platform, was received during the official final of the XXXIII edition of the competition by Michał Lach, president of eq system.

The European Medal is a non-commercial, nationwide initiative of the most important institution for entrepreneurs operating at the European Commission – the European Economic and Social Committee and the Business Centre Club. The aim of the award is to support Polish products and services on the European Union market and to bring the idea of the European Union closer to the business community. The verification committee took into account, among other things, the dynamic development of our company, the amount of funds allocated to research and development and the uniqueness of the offered solutions for business.

XPRIMER platform is a functionally advanced proprietary IT system used to manage many business processes in one place. It is used for effective company management by supporting even the most complex key processes. XPRIMER is a solution adjusted to the individual needs, structure and business goals of the client. XPRIMER is a system characterised by a flexible and extensive structure of several interconnected modules allocated into two main areas:

  • Workforce Management WFM
  • Manufacturing Operations Management MOM.

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