Cooperation of eq system with Dr.Max

Dr.Max Polska belongs to the international holding company Dr.Max – a leader on the pharmaceutical market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. On the Polish market, the brand has been present since 2005.

As part of its collaboration with Dr.Max, eq system provides advanced tools to enable working time planning for nearly 4,000 employees in the drugstore chain.

XPRIMER.HRM contains in-built control procedures to check that planned working time complies with legislation and internal regulations. The automation of working time planning in XPRIMER.HRM translates into better use of available resources, reduces the risk of errors and allows for flexible adaptation of plans to meet changing needs. XPRIMER.HRM ensures that actual events are recorded in real-time schedules. This enables activity monitoring and translates into greater control over working time and human resources.

Dr.Max also implemented XPRIMER.PAYROLL, which allows the handling of HR and payroll processes, including the registration of the required HR and payroll data, preparation and calculation of salaries taking into account the specific needs of pharmacies, generation of Social Security and personal income tax settlements and the creation of reporting and statistical statements, as well as integration with an external financial and accounting application.


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