The puzzle that brings results at TREFL SA Group

A detailed analysis of the pre-implementation context allows, above all, one important thing: the confrontation of the client’s expectations and ideas for their fulfilment with what he really needs. At eq system, we always start with the preparation of a precise concept of improvements and indicating the areas where change will affect the functioning of the entire company. The system must perfectly reflect the company’s structure. It must match the work style of its people. It must be intuitive enough so that every employee can easily work with it.

What prompted you to look for APS and MES class solutions?

Jan Iwanowicz, TREFL SA Production Director: We decided to look for a new solution mainly because of the changing market, which is becoming more and more competitive and demanding. Nowadays, production management is an extremely complex process that is ever so often based on new technologies and, thus, on automation. The leading position in the toy industry imposes specific requirements on us, and the constantly increasing number of production orders and shorter deadlines have led us to make a decision about the need to improve production management processes. Shortening the lead times and conversion times, increasing the efficiency of the utilisation of machines, monitoring production orders on a regular basis and making the right decisions in real time have become a priority and a necessity for us.

What made you choose Asprova APS and Opera MES systems?

JI: For several years, we have been looking for solutions that would be suitable for us. We expected a system that would comprehensively respond to our needs, automate the areas we needed and streamline certain processes. We wanted products that could be easily integrated into the IT systems we had implemented. eq system solutions, Asprova APS and Opera MES, are ready systems to be used at our company. A further advantage offered by our cooperation was the support of eq system specialists in the integration of Asprova APS with the systems we currently use in production.

How do you see your cooperation with eq system?

JI: We have worked as partners so far. We are satisfied and hope it will be so to the end of the project. The most important thing is that have support in the implementation and we hope that after we introduce Asprova APS and Opera MES together, we will continue work on the functioning of the systems. The argument for Asprova APS and Opera MES is their universal character, which can be modified by any user after implementation. We count on the constant support and involvement of consultants, which will allow the implementation process to continue according to schedule and to be successful.


  • Detailed planning of events in the production units, taking into account the optimisation criteria;
  • Improving the reliability of data recorded as part of the production processes;
  • Minimising the level of inventory while ensuring a high degree of availability of finished products;
  • Improving the timeliness of orders;
  • Optimising resource utilisation owing to the analysis of the load of production resources (machinery and people);
  • Making simulation analyses of the production plan supporting the short- and long-term decision-making process;
  • Achieving full transparency and control of orders completed;
  • Recording the availability of employees in the work stands, causes of machine downtime, actual consumption of raw materials/semi-finished products and product traceability;
  • Recording the quantity of good/defective items, specifying the cause of a defect and the option to generate reports/statements with the quantity of waste of semi-finished/finished products recorded.


There is no doubt that the project involving close cooperation will bring all of the benefits we have assumed and we will soon get information about its effects.

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