Dynamic development requires equally dynamic solutions: GIPO counts on eq system

GIPO designs and manufactures machines that allow optimisation of production processes in companies from various industries: eq system develops and implements solutions that draw from the potential of technological improvements. The meeting of these two companies could only end with their cooperation.

eq system specialists have learned the production processes at GIPO down to the last detail. Together with the company’s representatives, they defined the most important business goals to be achieved at the particular stages of cooperation. Following the analysis of the initial situation, the nature of work of employees and the operation of the entire company, they decided to implement Asprova APS and adapt it to the company’s criteria.

We chose eq system primarily because it is a business partner valued by many companies from various industries (including ours). During the meetings, its specialists made a very good impression on us and it is so now (at the project implementation).

eq system experts are competent and yet they can speak the client’s language (even about the most complex things). What we appreciate in eq system is the dedication to the project and determination when it comes to the final effect of the implementation, tantamount to achieving all business goals. Additionally, eq system is marked by its high flexibility and availability (speed of response to questions we ask and doubts we have).

First, we chose a trusted and reliable partner for cooperation and later we decided on the solution they proposed, Asprova APS. eq system specialists gave us a chance to get to know the system even before its implementation. We opted for it as it showed the great development potential (also for independent operation), the ability to adapt to specific conditions in our company and the ease of data input and edit functions, which resembles MS Excel ‘valued’ in our company. In addition, we were genuinely surprised by the great computational efficiency and the ability to quickly introduce changes, the effects of which we saw immediately.

We took to eq system owing to its approach which relies on seeking solutions, not for someone to blame. Their way of working focuses on the insight and purposefulness of their operations.

eq system can obtain information necessary for the progress of the project, which do not disturb the normal (everyday) functioning of the company. Eq system specialists are people who do not persist in their opinion at all costs (unless it is actually justified) but they can work out a mutually satisfying compromise.

The result of the cooperation so far is the implementation of the project that commands the confidence and real hope for success. Furthermore, it leads us to take the decision about further cooperation. Therefore, I recommend eq system and their solution on offer, which is Asprova APS, said Joanna Gołaszewska, Director at GIPO Sp. z o.o.


  • Eliminating negative consequences due to the lack of preparation for unexpected events (including order changes, machine breakdowns or delays in the implementation of the plan) owing to the dynamic response to emergency situations;
  • Making real responses to customer inquiries about the deadline for the order completion and early identification of threats in this area;
  • Automatic development of production queue with division into all resources (including people, machines and raw materials);
  • Automating and improving the reliability of the entire production planning process by taking into account employees, all operations, the actual process performance and interrelations;
  • Minimising the number of, and optimising changeovers by thoroughly describing the technology and links among operations;
  • Improving the stability of the entire production planning process by creating multifaceted what-if simulations and making strategic business decisions based on them.

Undoubtedly, the combination of close cooperation among specialists from both companies, their great dedication to the project and mutually complementing experience will bring all the benefits we assumed.

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