New project developed by eq system – integration of production and HR

Knowing the importance of effective and optimal people management in the production area for our customers, as part of a project with funds from the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014 – 2020 at eq system, we are working on introducing innovative improvements to the current software, which will integrate the areas of production management and people management and enable the introduction of new management methods.

A key element of the project ‘Development of software for intelligent planning and distribution of tasks of production operators supported by artificial intelligence in the digital twin model’ is to create a so-called ‘digital twin’ of a production operator – i.e. a digital reality copy of data and characteristics concerning a specific employee. The use of artificial intelligence mechanisms will enable, among other things, an improvement in the quality of planning by predicting employee behaviour and availability.

The software will be an innovative solution on an international scale, representing a new standard in the management of production processes, allowing, among other things, an increase in the efficiency of the team by predicting the availability and possible performance of employees in specific production processes, better allocation of resources using artificial intelligence mechanisms in planning, and greater flexibility of operation (having access to operational data on operators in real time).


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