“Where does the heart of production beat?” – summary of the Manufacturing Summit conference

Manufacturing Summit has enjoyed great interest from participants for years.
This conference is a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration, giving impulse to initiate changes in factories. It was so during the 6th edition! The event attracted a multitude of experts who discussed the improvement of operational processes, the possibilities of modern technologies and the increasingly difficult situation on the labour market.

The main part of the Manufacturing Summit were lecture sessions led by leading representatives of manufacturing companies, as well as industry experts, among which our member of the board Michał Żelichowski could not be missing. His speech titled “How to find time for a continuous improvement?” concerned the KAIZEN philosophy which is focused on continuous improvement of processes in the organisation.

How to face problems?
During the lecture Michał Żelichowski noted that “in companies you can meet people with vast knowledge and experience, who could not only participate, but even become a driving force of continuous improvement if only they had time. Instead of using their competences, giving them a chance for development, we involve them in a huge number of tasks, often purely administrative.” Therefore, enterprises should invest in modern technologies that will change this situation, helping the staff in specific areas.



For example – manual production planning and scheduling can be automated by using the APS system>>. With one click in the XPRIMER system>> you can create work schedules that take into account employees’ competences, provisions of the Labour Code or the company’s internal regulations. This approach will allow both to gain time and provide better comfort to employees.

See you next year!
In addition to the lectures given, the event was also accompanied by inspirational and stormy discussion panels. A selected group of experts discussed the role of digitisation and automation in the activities of manufacturing companies. The whole conference was summed up by a debate on acquiring and retaining production employees. We are glad that we could be a part of the Manufacturing Summit conference
and we are already looking forward to the next edition!

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