The power of precision at PZL WZM

Managing a complex production process (a long development cycle, large series and many components) usually requires an equally complex approach to its development. It is not enough to choose an advanced tool: it is necessary to check if every premise is feasible with the use of this tool and how long it is going to take.

As every project in eq system is preceded by a very detailed concept which gives us information about the things to improve before the project starts as well as about its particular stages and the advantages it will bring us.

Our production process is extremely complex. We were worried that we would not be able to find a suitable system which could deal with it and precisely map its every detail. And we were right: the system alone is not enough if there are no specialists who can identify every connection, tell us how to prepare for the project and, eventually, implement a solution matched precisely not only to the business goals but also to the operating mode of particular staff. eq system specialists’ experience and Asprova APS gives you confidence that you will implement the project as scheduled and gain the advantages as soon as it is possible. I can recommend the collaboration with eq system mainly owing to the wide knowledge and involvement of its specialists. We have no doubt that choosing eq system as both the advisory and implementation company was the right decision to make.

Artur Kaczor, Head of IT Department


PZL WZM recognised our approach to our collaboration, our years’ experience and Asprova APS System. Our joint project will bring many advantages such as:

  • Automation of the whole production planning by including every process (its efficiency, connections between particular operations and the staff needed);
  • Shortening of the manufacturing cycle through the minimisation of buffers between operations;
  • Reducing of the time needed for answering customers’ questions owing to the access to reliable delivery time data (with a one-day accuracy);
  • Improving and optimising of material balancing of the level of products, semi-finished goods and purchases;
  • Improving of the stability of the production process through what-if analyses;
  • Speeding up of the response to various events such as changes in customers’ orders, unplanned orders, delays or machinery failures;
  • Dynamic OEE measurement based on the number of registered orders and the development of total production cost due to the access to the information about the progress in real time.



PZL WZM is the only manufacturer of fuel injection equipment for Diesel engines in Poland. They base their work on sustainable development by investing in machinery, new technologies and their staff training. Therefore, PZL WZM is constantly increasing its competitiveness and productivity. The company has been present on the market for over 65 years. Over the years, it attained the status of the innovative and trustworthy company. Customers appreciate PZL WZM mainly for its individual approach and high quality of the services it provides.

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