Precision in production management in a company member of Apator Group

Part of Apator Group, Apator Telemetria is presently a leading Polish manufacturer of systems and devices for remote reading and configuration of water meters, heat meters, heat allocators, as well as electricity meters and gas meters. The company designs and develops a range of products that are innovative IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for measuring, counting and recording data. In addition to designing and manufacturing metering devices and entire telemetry systems, Apator Telemetria also provides contract manufacturing services, producing electronic products to individual orders.

– We are experiencing strong growth in demand for metering equipment and specialised apparatus for the energy industry. Recently, we have registered sales increase not only in the field of radio overlays for water meters, but also smart meters for electricity and gas measurement. We are constantly enhancing our production capacity, which already puts us on the position of a Polish leader in this area – indicate the managers of Apator Telemetria sp. z o.o.

The company’s expansion plans are related, among other things, to the automation of the production planning and recording process. This is where Apator Telemetria started to collaborate with eq system. The decision to cooperate was preceded by a series of meetings with eq system experts, the development of a concept and reference visits to customers supported by eq system in improving production processes.

The main business objectives defined at the start of the cooperation are:

  • to obtain detailed information for the correct calculation of production costs,
  • to improve the recording of production data,
  • to streamline planning processes (including increased accuracy of plans), also in the case of ongoing changes,
  • to minimise human errors, e.g. by eliminating hand-written worksheets and the creation of production plans and technology records in spreadsheets.


The eq system team proposed a solution based on the implementation of the ASPROVA APS (which will be used to generate two types of production plans: a long-term plan and a short-term operational plan) and the XPRIMER platform in the MOM area (Manufacturing Operations Management) with the modules XPRIMER. MES (for recording and registering production and production-related events), XPRIMER.TCW (for technology management) and XPRIMER.WM (for recording material flows, which are the results of the manufacturing processes), as well as their integration with systems currently used in Apator Telemetria. Each of the IT tools forming the integrated IT system will play a specific role in the process of planning and recording production and material balancing, and automatic data flow between particular modules will be carried out without the intervention of employees.

The recording of production events will be carried out using production terminals – mobile or stationary – located in the production departments. The terminals will be equipped with an app enabling the recording of activities in a simplified manner, which will not cause technical problems for the persons responsible for data entry.

The expected effects of implementation include:

  • reduction of time and costs related to the creation and handling of production plans,
  • activation of full material balancing mechanisms,
  • ongoing control of the on-time execution of production orders and the status of production-related processes,
  • detailed knowledge of the availability of employees to carry out production tasks,
  • increased efficiency in the use of production resources,
  • reduction of storage buffers,
  • ensuring excellent on-time performance and flexibility of deliveries.


– The presented preimplementation analysis has convinced us about the comprehensive approach to production management presented by the eq system team, which takes into account covering all key areas with one integrated IT system. I believe that together we will be able to achieve the expected benefits – adds Krystian Iwanicki, Chief Operating Officer, Apator Telemetria sp. z o.o.

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