XPRIMER at ROSTI – from concept to implementation

The driving force of every company is the people and their adequate adaptation to their positions; the proper use of knowledge and the optimal working time planning is a difficult task to perform in practice.

The number of variables that we have to take into account when we plan the working time of our team is huge (compliance with the Labour Code, internal regulations, validity of authorisations and holiday plans). Random events should also be added as well as illnesses, delays, machine failures and thousands of other scenarios that we cannot predict; but we are able to prepare ourselves accordingly.

ROSTI is aware of the potential that lies in its experts and will now use it more effectively with the XPRIMER communication platform. Our specialists have developed a very detailed concept of improvements in the planning and settlement of working time. Together with ROSTI, we defined the most important goals to achieve and how to eliminate the current difficulties.

What convinced us to cooperate with eq system was the way the company’s experts presented the solution. Everything was at the highest level, competence, knowledge of our industry and the solution itself. None of the questions we asked were left unanswered. There was a priority effect—a good presentation which projected on all subsequent components—that was our reference point.

The system convinced us with a very intuitive interface and the fact that it required fewer clicks to achieve the goals than the other systems we had considered. The opinions of other XPRIMER users were also very important to us. However, what ultimately persuaded us to cooperate with eq system was its specialists’ competence and approach which they presented during a very good conversation about our expectations about the project, the most important business goals and how we should prepare for the implementation. At the moment, we feel that we have made a very good business decision both as regards the system and the business partner.

Ewa Leszczyńska, HR and Payroll Manager at ROSTI Poland Sp. z o.o.


  • Improvement of the working time planning process and elimination of errors in its settlement thanks to automation;
  • Increasing of the speed and accuracy of working time settlement and in the future linking of the information collected to the amount of time spent on a particular line;
  • Simplification and unification of the employee work arrival and departure record through the integration with time and attendance readers (RCP);
  • Minimising of the time spent on the verification of the correctness and validity of work time data in particular organisational units;
  • Increased security of data collection and storage.


We have no doubt that cooperation based on the combination of the expertise of our specialists and the knowledge of Rosti’s experts about the internal organisation will allow us to gain all of the benefits.


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