Changes as the theme of this year’s Production Arena

Direction Transformation: this was the theme of the sixth edition of the Production Arena, which every year attracts an increasing number of managers and experts from the manufacturing industry to Wrocław. It was the fifth time for eq system to participate in this event. Why to do it? This form of meeting is the perfect opportunity for us to discuss, exchange views and opinions with others about the changes in the manufacturing industry. At present, the approach to transformation of enterprises takes many forms. Among them, there are two main directions: one of them focuses on long-term solutions, the other on short-term ones. eq system has supported companies in their systematic development for many years. Our observation and experience show that much better results are achieved by looking at the organisation holistically than by focusing on individual areas that need improvement.

The agenda of this year’s Production Arena aimed to find answers to questions about how production companies are changing, which areas are worth making these changes and what benefits can be achieved in relation to them. Transformations in organisations, technologies and processes were discussed during the conference. It seems that not without reason these areas intertwine. When one of them changes, the others have to adapt. Basing on multifaceted communication, which is the idea of Industry 4.0, our expert Michał Żelichowski spoke about employee kiosks as the ideal support for the HR management process at a company.

Employee kiosks allow the introduction of employee self-service as part of existing HR processes. The main assumption of the portal is to provide large groups of employees, who do not use computers in their everyday work, with access to a simple, intuitive and user-friendly tool that will allow them to independently handle their most important HR matters in a few simple steps, explained Michał Żelichowski.

Apart from eq system experts, the conference hosted several other speakers and held the workshops, Transformation in the hearts of employees: how to effectively engage employees to strengthen their loyalty and efficiency. In addition, the organisers provided a meeting place for current practitioners and experts who could exchange their views in a special networking and product area open all day long.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to participate in this event. We are looking forward to March 2020 and the next edition of the Production Arena. We congratulate all partners on the speeches and are grateful to the participants for attendance and interest in the subject of transformation in the production process. See you next year!

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